Crimson Trace shipping green light Laserguards, green Lasergrip photo leaked

Crimson Trace is working on a green light-spectrum Lasergrip to add to their small but growing list of green light laser sights. The first green light Lasergrip is more than likely going to be for full-size 1911-pattern handguns, if this recent photo leaked by Shooting Illustrated is an indication. 

It’s not altogether surprising that Crimson Trace wanted to develop green light Lasergrips—which is the largest swathe of their product line—and while green light lasers have been around for some time, developing an emitter in a small enough package to shoehorn into their sleek Laserguards was difficult enough, and it required newer, smaller processes to pack a green light laser into their even more slender Lasergrips. 

1911 with green Crimson Trace Lasergrip

But be prepared to wait. Crimson Trace will be showing these off at next year’s SHOT Show, with production and delivery hitting sometime mid-2013. 

We’ve known about their upcoming green light Laserguards for GlockXD/XD(m) and 1911 handguns (and one universal Rail Master model) for a few months now, the major change is that Crimson Trace has gotten around to making things official. Crimson Trace expect to begin filling pre-orders as early as this Friday. 

Green laser on an XD(m)What this gives us is some details about the Laserguards (and probably the Lasergrips as well) including technical information and specifications. The green light Laserguards use CR2 cells instead of the 1/3N lithium or two 357 silver oxide batteries common to other red light lasers. These batteries are not just larger, they also operate at a higher voltage. This is no doubt necessary to power the higher-frequency green light diode.

Despite having a higher voltage and a higher capacity in terms of milliamp-hours, the green Laserguards don’t have nearly the same run time. They’re cut down from four hours to two. If one thing is clear, it’s that these laser sights require a lot more power. 

We wonder, then, how is Crimson Trace going to power the upcoming Lasergrip and keep it as low-profile as possible? A CR2 battery isn’t an option. Maybe the grip panels will have an array of cells, or something like a custom rechargeable lithium-ion batter pack molded into the grip panels.

Still, long battery life may not be much of a concern to many users. It’s not as if the laser is something that gets used extensively outside of getting it sighted in and training with it. Especially with the added visibility of green over red light as well as increased brightness, we expect these laser sights to get popular and fast. 

If you’re holding out for holsters, Crimson Trace is already working with BladeTech, Mitch Rosen, De Santis, Crossbreed and Galco to ensure that you’ll be able to carry your handgun comfortably in just about every style of holster out there. 

Laser sight fans, is this what you’ve been waiting for? Are you going to make the jump from red to green?

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