Phoenix Homeowner Unloads Birdshot into Would-be Robber

This almost sounds like a knock-knock joke gone bad. This Monday morning a trio of robbers knocked on a door in Phoenix, Arizona, and when nobody answered they figured they’d just go ahead let themselves in – by kicking in the door.

They probably should have tried knocking a few more times before breaking in because the homeowner, his wife and his shotgun were all at home. According to police Sgt. Trent Crump, the homeowner “could actually see the door bowing in” as the robbers tried to take down the front door.

Whoo – talk about scary. Most people use a cup of joe to wake up, but there’s nothing quite like a home invasion to get you alert and pumped at nine in the morning.

So, that’s when the homeowner grabbed his shotgun and went around his house to confront the would-be robbers. The homeowner fired at least one shot, striking one of the robbers in the leg with bird shot.

The thieves wisely fled. After all, three criminals are pretty intimidating, but nothing levels the playing field quite like a loaded shotgun. The police caught up to the robbers a few minutes later and threw them in cuffs. Mark Anthony Flores, 28, and Juan Avalos Jr, 31, both confessed to the police. The third suspect, an unidentified female, was released pending review. The two men are being charged with residential burglary and possession of burglary tools.

“We have a right to protect our property, our premises, and certainly the right to protect ourselves,” Crump said in defense of the homeowner’s actions. He added that the authorities will not be pressing charges and are not recommending for the county attorney to prosecute the homeowner, however, the county attorney must review the case before making a final decision.

We hope the homeowner gets off scott-free. Throwing an everyday citizen in jail because he gave a would-be robber a minor wound to the leg is just about the silliest thing we’ve ever heard of. We don’t know if it was bad aim or just plain-old niceness that caused the homeowner to shoot the robber in the leg instead of dead-center mass, but Avaros and Flores will probably have plenty of time in jail to think about how lucky they are that this homeowner aimed towards the ground.

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