UPDATE: Father-Son Pair Enter Shootout with Armed Robbers

Fathers generally like to spend time with their sons. They like to go hunting together, watch the game together, dig in on some burgers  and beer together – but one thing that no father wants is to join his son in a shootout against a group of armed robbers.

Sixty-eight-year-old Ronnie Cantrell Sr. and his son, 42-year-old Ronnie Cantrell Jr., walked in on a group of thieves when they returned to their home in Stockbridge, Georgia, Tuesday night. Things quickly went from bad to worse when the pair of masked robbers opened fire on the father-son pair with a shotgun.

Both Cantrells were hit, unfortunately, so Cantrell Sr. had no other option but to shoot back. He drew his own gun, which he is said to have had on him before entering the house, and opened fire on the suspects. The robbers fled the scene, but not before one of them caught a bullet.

Both Cantrell men were later rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital. Cantrell Sr. was in critical condition and died Thursday, according to the Henry Daily Herald, while his son was shot in the right hand and lost two fingers, but is otherwise ok.

Cantrell Sr.’s quick thinking and sharp aim saved his son’s life and it also helped catch one of the bad guys. Brandon Terry-Hall, 20, checked himself into a different hospital due to his gunshot wound. Police were quick to descend on the crook and they have since identified two additional suspects and a possible third, 18-year-old Robert Price, 21-year-old Trey Cota, and the possible fourth suspect is thought to be named “Terrence.”  However, the police said they arrested Cota on Thursday in the Atlanta area.

Authorities say both Terry-Hall and Price were inside and house looking for guns and money, Cota was the getaway driver and “Terrance” remained in the car during the incident.

Terry-Hall faces a “slew of charges,” said Henry Police Sgt. Joey Smith, including armed robbery, burglary, aggravated battery, false imprisonment and murder. We certainly hope that the police are able to track down the other three suspects. We don’t want poor, unfortunate Terry-Hall (the man on the right) to face hard time all by his lonesome.
Robbery Suspects
So far authorities have located the getaway car, a black Kia Rio, at a local grocery store, but no weapons. And they are currently searching for the other suspects who they believe are in the metro Atlanta area, so Georgia residents who have their ear to the criminal underbelly are encouraged to call Detective Joe Clark at 770-288-7242.

We can only hope that the police catch these criminals quickly. Criminals who have such a callous disregard for human life are the worst kind of criminal scum.

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