A new Umbrella Corporation emerges, plans just AR parts–for now

The newly-established Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group—no known connection to the pharmaceutical company, although their company logos are extremely similar—is preparing to launch a line of AR parts starting with a polymer pistol grip.

With the help of Magpul they’ve developed an un-textured pistol grip that has a near vertical slant to it at just 13 degrees from perpendicular. These vertical pistol grips are emerging from a few different manufacturers including Magpul and Bravo Company Manufacturing and give people who prefer to shoot with their rifle stock collapsed or near-collapsed a more comfortable grip.

Umbrella grip on 300 BLK SBR

Umbrella and Magpul ar grips comparedThe shelf price for this grip is expected to be about $20. Umbrella left the first one smooth so that you may stipple it if you choose, and they will be coming out with an aggressively-textured grip in the future.

It’s manufactured from DuPont Super Tough technology heat and impact resistant polymer, it’s a drop-in replacement for AR-15 platform rifle grip and uses the standard trigger index Mil-Spec 51958 1/4-28 pan head #3 Phillips screw. When it becomes available Umbrella will offer this grip in black, flat dark earth and olive drab green. Umbrella grips are made in the U.S. at their Virginia Beach, Va. facility.

Umbrella has hinted at a wider array of firearms parts and accessories, and, well, chopsticks. These gloss black finished precision utensils are engraved with the Umbrella Corporation logo and their proper name, “ShopStix.”

Umbrella ShopStix

But French gear blog G3 has managed to capture some photos of Umbrella’s upcoming AR-15 lower receivers as well, so it’s safe to say we can expect some serious hardware from this weapons research group.

Clearly the Umbrella Corp. Weapons Research Group has larger plans for the future, and it is not yet clear what ends they may seek out, nor what means they may employ in order reach their goals. But one thing is for certain. Umbrella: we’ve got our eyes on you.

Umbrella lower receivers

If you would like to know more about the Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group check out their Facebook page, as the company website is still under construction.

The unrelated Umbrella Corporation pharmacutical company manufactures everyday drugs and cosmetics, but has a long history of cooperation with the U.S. military, often supporting American interests with their private military company and cooperating with and contributing to our armed forces with their expertise and outstanding history as a manufacturer of chemical and bio-organic compounds and medical and microbiological aid since their foundation in the late ’60s.

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