Georgia gun range gets liquor license, builds lounge (VIDEO)

A couple of Georgia entrepreneurs are setting up a deluxe new $3.5 million gun range with a twist—of lemon. Called the Governor’s Gun Club, this soon-to-open indoor gun range applied for, and received, a license to sell alcohol.

It’s also slated to be a premium gun range with a state-of-the-art 19,000 square-foot indoor shooting range plus an archery range, and as mentioned, a lounge for club members to relax in after squeezing off a few rounds. 

Governor's Gun Club mockup

Of course this isn’t a place where you can drink and shoot, that would be absurd, but it is a place where you can shoot, then drink. No gun play will be allowed for intoxicated would-be shooters, and after patrons buy any drinks they are prohibited from steeping foot on the range for that day. We can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon, really. 

Shots of a featherThe lounge is also a privilege to select members of th Governor’s Gun Club. From their website: “Governors Gun Club has been granted permission to obtain a serving license in our members lounge. The lounge is not available to the general public or all club members. The lounge is only accessed by key cards issued to a limited group of members (Full Metal Jacket Members).” 

Their policy goes on further to state that irresponsible drinking will not be tolerated. “Members have strict contractual rules of their membership privileges that address facility conduct including drinking. The members lounge is not a bar and will not be used as one. This is a relaxing social atmosphere for members to enjoy food and limited drinks responsibly. Irresponsible and excessive drinking will not be tolerated by members, and will not be served by the staff. Members must be responsible firearm owners and responsible drinkers; otherwise they will not be patrons or members at the facility.”

Still, there are some complaints, which seem largely unfounded.  WSBTV found one woman, a neighborhood resident, who found the idea lacking in judgment.

Nevertheless the city council voted 4-1 in giving this range the go-ahead, reflecting Georgia laws regarding guns at bars and restaurants.

“Customers will have to order a drink with their identification card and once the card is accepted, and flagged, they cannot be checked back into the range that day,” said owner Kristina Brown in a statement, adding, “Georgia Law allows persons with gun permits to bring their weapon into a restaurant that serves alcohol, we are taking it even a step further.”

If you would like to know more about the Governor’s Gun Club and their 16-lane rifle range, 35-yard archery range, custom shop offering gunsmithing services, members lockers and humidors and of course, lounge for Full Metal Jacket members to sit, eat and enjoy a drink or two, visit their website here.

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