Obama Grilled on Fast and Furious by Latino Journalists

While the mainstream media in the U.S. may treat Obama with kid gloves, journalists on the Spanish-speaking television network Univision aren’t afraid to get after it, to ask the president some hard-hitting questions.

In an interview on Thursday, two intrepid Univision hosts tag-teamed Obama on the fatally flawed gunrunning program, Operation Fast and Furious. They made it clear, over the course of the interview, that they weren’t there to play softball.

“You told me during an interview that you and Mr. Holder did not authorize the Fast and Furious operation that allowed 2,000 weapons from the United States into Mexico and they were in the drug trafficking [cartels’] hands,” Univision co-host Jorge Ramos asked Obama. “I think that up to 100 Mexicans might have died and also American agent Brian Terry.

There’s a report that 14 agents were responsible for the operation but shouldn’t the attorney general, Eric Holder, he should have known about that and if he didn’t, should you fire him?”

Wow, what a question!   Shouldn’t you fire Eric Holder?  The answer is, of course, YES, but here’s how Obama responded:

holder-hands“Well, first of all, I think it’s important to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program, begun under the previous administration,” Obama said. “When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it. We assigned an inspector general to do a thorough report that was just issued — confirming that in fact Eric Holder did not know about this, that he took prompt action and that the people who did initiate this were held accountable. But, what I think is most important is recognizing that we’ve got a challenge in terms of weapons flowing south, and the strategy that was pursued out of Arizona, obviously, was completely wrongheaded. Those folks who were responsible have been held accountable. The question now is, how do we move forward with a strategy that will actually work?”

“We are going to have to work with Mexican law enforcement to accomplish this, but I will tell you that Eric Holder has my complete confidence, because he has shown himself to be willing to hold accountable those who took these actions and is passionate about making sure that we’re preventing guns from getting into the wrong hands,” Obama continued.

Most reporters would have stopped there, especially after seeing Obama stumble through the answer.  But not Ramos, who pressed on.

“But if you have nothing to hide, then why are you not releasing papers to the –”

Obama interjected, cutting Ramos off, “The truth is we’ve released thousands of papers.”

“But not all of them,” Ramos correctly pointed out.  Tens of thousands of internal DOJ documents are still under the protection of the president’s executive privilege invocation.

“We’ve released almost all of them,” Obama said. “The ones that we don’t release, typically, relate to internal communications that were not related to the actual Fast and Furious operation. The challenge that we have is that, at any given moment in the federal government, there may be people who do dumb things, and I’ve seen it, I promise. Ultimately, I’m responsible and my key managers, including the attorney general, are responsible for holding those people accountable, for making sure that they are fired if they do dumb things and then fixing the system to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, and I’m very confident that you will not see any kinds of actions like this in the future, but what I don’t like to see is these kinds of issues becoming political circuses or ways to score political points in Congress partly because it becomes a distraction from us doing the business that we need to do for the American people.”

Obama is responsible.  His key manager Eric Holder did a, to use his word, “dumb” thing.   That is, he failed to do his job.

Wasting no time, co-host Maria Elena Salinas followed up with another great inquiry, which question the legitimacy of the DOJ’s internal investigation,  “Let’s have an independent investigation, because at the end of the day, this is the Justice Department investigating its boss and is saying they say is not at fault? Why don’t we have, very briefly, an independent investigation that is not done by the Justice Department?”

“Well, understand that, not only have we had multiple hearings in Congress, but the inspector general is put in place specifically to be independent from the attorney general,” Obama answered.  “This attorney general’s [sic] report [he meant the Inspector General’s report] was not a whitewash in any way. I mean, it was tough on the Justice Department, and it indicated that, potentially, more supervision was needed, people should have known in some cases, even if they didn’t actually know. So, it was, I think, independent, honest, it was a clear assessment of what had gone wrong in that situation.”

interview-obama“And we are happy to continue to provide the information that is relevant to this, but one of the things that happens in Washington is, very quickly, these issues become political distractions as opposed to us actually solving the problems that we need to solve,” Obama continued. “And, this issue of guns flowing south is a hard issue to solve, because this country respects the Second Amendment, we want to protect the rights of gun owners and those who are seeking to purchase firearms, but oftentimes that’s exploited as well. And so we’ve got to make sure we’re properly balancing the rights of U.S. citizens but making sure that we’re also interdicting those arms that would get into the hands of criminals.”

Obama was clearly rattled by these very incisive and very logical questions.  What’s interesting is that Obama had, initially, some plausible deniability when the story broke in early 2011.  He could have distanced himself from Holder and let him shoulder the blame, but instead, he stuck by his man.

Now, it’s obvious to almost anyone who’s been following the ongoing investigation that he did so at his own peril.  Obama owns F&F as much as Holder does now.  In the coming months, as Congressional investigators continue their probe, we’ll hopefully find out the actual truth about who knew what, when.

(Photo and transcription courtesy of the Daily Caller)

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