Chris Costa teams up with ATEi for Costa Signature Series M&Ps

Chris Costa and ATEi Guns have partnered together to develop a slick pair of M&P pistols unlike any other on the market. These premium combat- and competition-ready M&Ps have been thoroughly worked over and barely even look like the original Smith & Wesson handguns. 

Facing constant requests about how he runs his guns, Costa decided to do the upright and considerate thing and pair up with the M&P experts at ATEi to make his dream handgun come true, not just for him, but for the world. 

“I try to give everyone that asks the best feedback that I can, but at the end of the day, students still had to jump through hoops to get the setup they wanted. A while back, Doug and I had been talking and I had mentioned to him that I’d love to just buy some guns and have them setup the way I would run them if they were mine and make them available for purchase—like a one-and-done setup.

Costa Edition ATEi M&Ps 1

“Doug is a phenomenal machinist, and I was well aware of some of the great work he was capable of. Sights, triggers, grip texturing and all that aside—I asked Doug if there was anything he could do ‘extra’ to the gun, both cosmetically and functionally, to make it really stand out. We looked at a couple of different ways of lightening the slide up and found a way that not only looked great, but balanced the gun out and made it track much faster and flatter than any M&P I had ever shot before.”

The resulting M&P are striking and unique. No detail has been overlooked, no feature tweaked, improved or at the very least, decorated. The sights have been upgraded with 10-8 Performance fast-acquisition fiber-optic sights, the frame has been completely stippled and reshaped, with a high undercut trigger guard, the trigger has been shortened and lightened to 4 pounds and the magazine release has been extended. 

Costa Edition ATEi M&Ps 2

ATEi has developed two different styles of Costa Edition M&Ps, one full-size and one compact. They share all of the functional enhancements but have slightly differently-cut frames. Both are scalloped with extra serrations on the top, while the compact also has added small serrations up front for press-checks. The full-size has a single large cutout on the top to lighten the slide while the compact has a small pair.

Both are completely refinished, too. The slides have a hard nitride treatment for protection and the barrels have a polished nickel boron finish for contrast. They are also laser-etched with the Costa Ludus and ATEi logos.

For more details or just more pictures, head on over to ATEi’s website here. The Costa Edition M&Ps in the photos are both chambered in 9mm, but we suspect that for $1,500, you can request yours in whatever damn caliber you please.  

Of course, ATEi doesn’t just work on M&Ps. If you have a Glock, XD or H&K pistol, you’ll probably enjoy their customer gallery

Photo credit Stickman.

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