Artist Mark Fitz Explores the Beauty of Guns

It’s time for some gun art! You should forgive us if we sound excited – it’s not very often that we come across gun art that isn’t being criticized or used as a way to promote the gun control cause.

Just looking back over the past several months we had melted-down gun sculptures celebrating gun control, a woman who transformed guns into jewelry as a way to help a city “change its course,” and an art display that caught flak during the Travyon Martin ordeal because some of the pieces (gasp!) showed guns.

The art pieces that we’ve got for you today are less about stirring up political controversy and more about just creating cool gun art. We aren’t art experts or anything, but if you ask us these pieces look playful.
Crayon gun
What we like about these pieces is that they explore gun beauty within the artist’s own medium. Rulers, fonts, and protractors are what artists and graphic designers would use to create works of art, and in these two pieces artist Mark Fitz of Dublin, Ireland, creates art out of his tools of the trade.
"Helvetica BOLD" gun art
He’s also got a few other pieces, such as these Warhol-esque art pieces that feature multicolored pistols. If any of these pieces tickle your fancy then you can order prints off of Saatchi Online.
Gun art

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