Leader .50 caliber bullpup enters production, Micor taking pre-orders (VIDEO)

The Leader by Micor is a rifle in a class of its own. It is a compact and lightweight sniper rifle, an anti-personnel and anti-materiel rifle and a semi-automatic bullpup. Naturally, it’s chambered in .50 BMG, and Micor is now taking pre-orders for them.

Leader 50Announced early this year the Leader garnered a lot of attention due to its singular nature. The bullpup design makes it easily portable even in vehicles, and at 17 pounds it’s actually pretty light for a .50.

As a comparison, Barrett’s Model 95, their compact bolt-action bullpup weighs 23 pounds. Even though it weighs less we would expect the recoil to be similar, owing to the semi-automatic operation of the Leader. The Leader also has a capacity advantage, with proprietary 10-round magazines over the 95’s five. The Leader has a shorter barrel though, 24 inches long compared to the 95’s 29.

There is one area where the Leader is no doubt at the top of the list, and unfortunately, that’s the price. The pre-order for these boys will set you back $1,999, and then to buy one you will have to be prepared to drop another $7,996. Yes, the Leader runs ten grand, which is a hair more than a Model 95, a Leupold Mark IV LR/T 4.5-14x50mm scope and a BORS ballistic calculator all together.

Still, we think that the smaller package and adjustable gas-piston semi-automatic operation of the Leader will earn it more than a few fans, despite the sticker.

When it was announced, Micor suggested a price of $7,000 or less. Maybe after they get production going they’ll be able to lower it once the costs of tooling and production are paid for.

If you decide to put in for a pre-order, Micor expects to start delivering them early 2013. This is a bit of a delay as originally availability of the Leader was supposed to be, well, now. It’s hard to make a rifle, let alone something quite like the Leader.

Oleg Volk recently got to spend some quality time with Micor. According to his shooter, “[the] Barret kicks like a mule, this gun kicks like a dog.” That alone will justify the price premium for many.

If you had ten large to spend on guns, would you put it all in on a Leader?

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