Double-Barreled Shotgun Convinces Two Thieves to Give Up

Asking a robber to surrender and wait for police probably won’t be very effective. But if you happen to be pointing a shotgun at them when you ask them to stand down, they might just stop and consider your offer.

Dixon Smith, a 63-year-old cancer patient and gun owner, gave a pair of home invaders an offer they couldn’t refuse: kiss the floor or get a facefull of buckshot.

According to Huffington Post, Dixon was in his home in Laketon Township, Michigan, around noon on Thursday when his wife left to go shopping. She drove off and “within three minutes I see a guy with a hoodie walking past my front window,” Smith said.

Alex Andrew Dickerson and James Leon Polk broke into Dixon’s home by picking the lock with a credit card, police believe. Apparently, the two thought that the home was empty after Smith’s wife left.

Their attempted robbery didn’t get very far, though, because Smith was waiting for the misguided duo at the top of the stairs. His home had been robbed several times before and this time he was armed to the teeth. Smith recalled the moment: “Tell you what, you’ve got a shotgun, you’re waiting, you hear them on the stairway coming for your bedroom.”

The two men almost made it to the top stair before Smith, who suffers from stage four lymphoma, came out with his shotgun and ordered the two men to lay down.

“I really tried to be as forceful as possible,” Smith said, but his double-barreled shotgun gave the would-be thieves two very convincing arguments to comply.

Smith then phoned police and endured the “kind of a long” five to 10 minute wait until they showed up. Meanwhile, the suspects reportedly assured Smith that they wouldn’t try anything tricky. We’re guessing it was something along the lines of, “We’re so sorry, Sir! Pleeaassseee don’t kill us!” It’s amazing how quickly a shotgun and drain all the courage out of a criminal, isn’t it?

Both of the suspects have been hauled off to jail and are currently awaiting charges. Smith will not be charged. If anything, his only fault was caring too much. Smith said that he and his wife actually knew one of the suspects, and that they had tried to help the man over the years. It reminds us of that old chestnut: You always hurt the ones you love.

While gun owners might salute Smith for a job well done, he’s doesn’t seem to be basking in his victory. “It’s not a fun experience. You don’t really know what’s going on,” he said. “It’s not what you might think. It’s not like the movies.”

Well, at least this not-quite movie has a happy ending. This 63-year-old has taken on two home intruders and has beaten cancer back into remission. Clearly, Dixon Smith ain’t somebody you want to mess with.

We have to say, it was awfully nice of Smith to let the two men live. We know of some gun owners who would have rather just pulled the trigger. Of course, it’s entirely possible that Smith was thinking about his wife. Going out to the grocery store and then returning home to a pair of corpses in your house can be traumatizing to say the least.

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