Swinging Dental Floss Trick Shot (VIDEO)

There’s that famous scene from the Karate Kid wherein Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel-son how to catch flies with a pair of chopsticks. Daniel actually manages to catch one on like his fourth try. It’s an impressive feat, but the first thing that goes through the viewer’s mind is, “Pfft, yeah right.” You probably couldn’t nab a fly with chopsticks any sooner than you could use a pistol to shoot one out of the sky.

Or could you?

YouTuber 22plinkster has a string of videos on sexy trick shot videos, including one where he shoots an arrow into a .308 casing and another where he shoots a .22 long rifle bullet into the opening of a .223 casing. He’s proven that he’s got a steady hand, but what about moving targets?

22plinkster recently added another video to the collection. This time, he took a couple of wawrshers (southern for “washers”) and tied them to end of some dental floss. He gave the wawrshers a push to create some pendulum-like momentum and then took a few steps back to test his aim. See for yourself:

Pretty impressive, eh? We’re not entirely sure that we could hit a target that small on our first shot, let alone a moving target. It looks like we’ve found the Daniel-son of the gun world. In that case, shooting a fly out of the air (or catching it with chop sticks, for that matter) might not be such an impossible feat after all.  

We should take a quick break from the article to point out that trying to shoot a fly with a gun falls squarely into the list of “things you don’t want to try at home.” The big problem with it is that you might also end up launching a bullet onto your neighbor’s property. A buzzing fly would take the third rule of gun safety (always be sure of your target and what’s behind it!) and rip it to shreds.

That mostly applies to unrestrained flies that are free to buzz around your head and go wherever they please. You might be able to try the Miyagi trick shot if you put a live fly in some sort of mesh or wire cage so that you could be certain of where your bullet will eventually end up. 

Now that’s a trick shot that we’d love to see. 22plinkster if you’re out there and reading this (or if any other marksmen want to give it a whirl) we’d love to see you shoot down an airborne fly. Only then could you truly earn the title of “The Plinkster Kid.”

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