New third generation Pmags shipping soon, for sale in November

Just in time for the holidays, Magpul will be shipping the latest version of their incredibly successful Pmags. Now in their third generation, these new M3 Pmags are designed to work in a wider variety of guns than just AR-patterned firearms. They are in production and will be shipping soon, with availability starting this November. 

Magpul had the new magazines on display at Modern Day Marine 2012, to show the military that their new magazine works with the M27 IAR, the Marines’ sustained-fire rifle to replace the M249 SAW. 

Pmag M3 at MDM

There are several notable rifles that are designed to accept AR-15/M16/M4/STANAG magazines but have different styles of magwells that prevent them from using regular Pmags, like the Heckler & Koch HK 416 and it’s military counterparts the MR556A1 and M27 IAR and FN SCAR 16. These rifles are growing in popularity in both the commercial and military markets, but can only accept regular aluminum magazines and the like; the Pmag’s ridges, which start where standard AR mag wells stop, are too high up along the magazine to work with these rifles. 

Because standard magazines—even improved ones with updated followers—are a common cause for stoppages and nowhere near as durable, we expect these to be plenty popular with the non-AR crowd. 
Pmag M3
The redesign lengthens the top portion of the magazine and also makes it a little more slender. This required Magpul to develop a new polymer that is as strong as what people have come to expect from their accessories using less material.

And there are other tweaks to the new M3 Pmag that are a benefit to AR owners as well, starting with an enlarged “over-travel stud.” They’ve added a chunky lip at the back of the magazine that will stop at the base of the magazine well preventing the user from inserting it too far and damaging their rifle. 

“Even with USGI magazines, you can slam it in there too hard and damage the magazine catch,” said Duane Liptak Jr., Product Management and Marketing Director at Magpul. “Now you can slam it in as hard as you want.”

The M3 Pmag also has a slimmer floorplate to make it more compatible with tight magazine pouches, specifically double and triple mag carriers. And it’s been remodeled with a more aggressive texture along the front and back to give you a better grip. Part of the new texture includes a four-character dot matrix for paint pens that lets you easily and clearly mark your mags. This feature alone is going to make it popular with soldiers and competition shooters alike. 

For now Magpul will only be offering 30-round M3s in black, but they will have both standard and windowed versions. “Anytime you add color to the polymer, it can decrease the strength,” added Liptak. So more testing and evaluation is needed there before they roll out other versions. 

The only remaining detail not yet available is the price. We expect them to sell a little more than regular Pmags, at least at first. But with all these new features, are you going to add M3s to your arsenal?

Photo credit the Firearm Blog.

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