New MAG Tactical Systems lightest ultralight AR alloy lower

MAG Tactical Systems has developed a new ultra-lightweight metal AR-15 lower receiver. Using a proprietary nickel-aluminum alloy and an extremely cut-down design that has no unnecessary material. Even the pistol grip portion of the receiver has been hollowed out. The final product weighs just 5.8 ounces.

Again, to be clear, this isn’t a polymer or carbon fiber lower, it’s metal, just MAG’s in-house “Tactical Alloy” and a non-standard mold that cuts the weight by 35 percent. The walls have been thinned out with small extensions for the hammer and trigger pins for reinforcement. It also has an integral trigger guard and reinforced pivot pin holes.

MAG Tactical Systems Tan on scale

They will be available this November from Brownells, ADS and from MAG directly, in two colors, black and tan. The finish is for form and function, as it is a load-bearing layer on the receiver. If you get yours engraved for NFA/SBR purposes, you will have to ship it back to MAG for a new finish, which according to GearScout, will run you $25.

The MSRP is going to be $160, which is more than what you’d spend on for most polymer lower receivers but not bad at all for a specialized metal lower.

We fully expect this to be popular with the ultra-light rifle enthusiast and everyone else who knows that ounces are pounds. At just 5.8 ounces it weighs less than some polymer lowers and doesn’t have the plastic fantastic stigma attached. Also, it looks pretty sleek.

MAG Tactical Systems Black

These are something we’d love to play around with, and we hope they stand up to a good amount of stress and abuse.

Would you rather have one of these, or something like a New Frontier Armory lower, which costs 1/3 the money, or something like the CAV-15 Mk II which costs a little more, but also has a super-light integrated buttstock?

Photo credit AR-15 News.

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