Does your backpack need more bulletproof?

Tired of getting shot at in school? Think airport security is a joke? Does your backpack feel about two pounds too light all the time? Tip of the hat to the Firearm Blog for finding this gem: a ballistic plate for your ruck. 

Yes, this is an actual NIJ (National Institute of Justic) Level IIIA-rated armor plate that you slide into your backpack for all your tactical backpack needs. And it’s available from LaRue Tactical, so you know this is serious business here. From the product page:

“Whether you’re a college student, doctor, lawyer, business traveler, or concerned parent…an extra level of precaution might help safeguard your (or your loved one’s) life in the event of an ‘Active Shooter’ situation. While you can not control when gun-related violence happens, you can choose to do something to improve your odds of survival.

Backpack Shield in use

“The Backpack Shield slides into any backpack as small as 18″ by 12″. Once in place, it provides protection from handgun-caliber bullets and even knife attacks. These have been discretely carried by USA Federal Air Marshals when traveling. What does that tell you?”

That even Air Marshals sometimes lose sight of their luggage and carry things for strangers?

There is a market for everything. If you’re interested in your own tactical backpack plate, you should know that Level IIIA is rated to withstand shots from even the hottest ammo, like .357 and .44 Magnum. It won’t protect you from rifle or armor-piercing fire, but against sidearms and shrapnel you’re good. 

Bullets stopped by the Backpack Shield

It’s not just to keep you from getting shot in the back, naturally. The idea is that once you enter that “Active Shooter” situation, you whip your pack around and use it like a riot shield that is as transparent as a laptop. It’s constructed out of many layers of interwoven Kevlar 1/2-inch thick and yes, weighs 2 pounds. 

The Backpack Shield will run you $235. That’s over $200 savings off the at least $450, maybe even $500 worth of comfort this shield provides. 

If you do clandestine security, undercover law enforcement, etc., we can see how the Backpack Shield is a solution to a very rare problem. If you’re willing to drop a couple hundred on a gift for the shooting enthusiast who has everything, this is sure to earn a laugh. 

And if your serious about personal security like a heart attack, pair this with a bulletproof clipboard and you’ll be safe from all sides! All both of them!

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