Chicago Leaders Seeking Solutions for Gun Violence from Twitter Users readers, the Windy City needs your help!  As you know, violence in Chicago has reached epic proportions. So far this year, approximately 400 citizens have been gunned down in the streets.  In total, homicides are up 25 percent from last year!

City leaders are desperate for solutions to quell the bloodshed.  In fact, they’re so desperate that they’re crowdsourcing the problem to Twitter followers via a community think tank called Chicago Ideas Week.

Here’s how it works, if you have a Twitter account and a solution on how to stymie the violence that is 140-characters-or-less, you should tweet it using the hashtag #WhatIfChicago.

Here are a few examples:
Tweets responding to #whatifchicago
The best submissions will be presented to the following community and city leaders on Oct. 11 during a Chicago Ideas Week panel discussion:

  • Moderated by: Frank Main, Reporter, The Chicago Sun-Times
  • Garry McCarthy, Superintendent, Chicago Police Department
  • Annette Nance-Holt, Firefighter, Chicago Fire Department
  • David Hemenway, Ph.D
  • Nina Vinik, Senior Program Officer, The Joyce Foundation
  • Michael Skolnik, Political Director to hip-hop pioneer, Russell Simmons and the Co-President of

Tweets responding to #whatifchicago
According to the press release, the panel will be looking for “evidence-based solutions that can make a significant difference.”

“This is an issue that impacts everybody,” Jessica Malkin, Chicago Ideas Week director, told CBS.  “Regardless of what neighborhood you’re living in, it’s a huge issue in Chicago.”

What’s also cool is that will be attending the event.  So, if you have a solution but don’t have a Twitter account, you can post it here, on this page, in the comment section.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a chance to pitch your idea(s).

Overall though, this seems like an opportune time to remind Chicago leaders that (a) it’s not a gun problem the city has, it’s a gang problem and (b) gun control, more specifically depriving law-abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense, does nothing to stymie gun violence.  In fact, if anything, it makes citizens more vulnerable to criminals.
Tweets responding to #whatifchicago
While it’s difficult to imagine that city leaders would actually listen to real, evidence-based solutions from the gun community (i.e. legalize drugs and strengthen 2nd Amendment rights for the law-abiding), it’s important that our ideas are represented at this public forum nonetheless.
Tweets responding to #whatifchicago
As the body count continues to rise under the Windy City’s draconian policies, one would hope that they’d eventually look our way.  And if and when they do, we’ll have answers ready.

If you’re in the area and interested in attending the event, here is some basic info.
CIW EVENT map and location

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