This Coffee Mug is Chambered in 16-ounce Caffeine

If you’re anything like us, then you have a difficult problem. You support gun rights, but your morning cup of joe isn’t as pro-gun as you are. We can easily show off our gun love during our daily smoke break, but how can we make sure that our steamy beverages promote the Second Amendment?

Hollow Point ammo shaped Coffee MugEasy – with the AmmoMug, a hollow point travel mug. This bullet-shaped beauty isn’t hollow so that it expands on impact, it’s empty inside so that it can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. These bullets may not save your life, but they can help you get the caffeine you need to survive the work day.

GadgetSin boasts that the ammo mug will keep your hot beverages toasty warm for six hours, or your cold beverages chilly for about 10 hours. Either way, it should keep you covered long enough for you to return home and reload/refill with some more coffee or tea.

Our only concern about the AmmoMug is that it might pose some difficulties for the concealed carry advocates out there. It’s easy to find compact guns or concealed carry fashion, but we just can’t figure out how to discretely hide the AmmoMug on your person without making it seem like you’re over-compensating. Is that a gigantic hollow point bullet in your pocket?

It kind of defeats the point of carrying a concealed weapon if you’re toting around an enormous bullet. Plus, this mug might cause some difficulties for people along the west coast. California legislators have promoted several laws prohibiting law-abiding citizens from openly displaying firearms in public. Callously brandishing one of these mugs on your daily commute is just asking to get thrown in the slammer.

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