The X-FER: a weaponlight-specific, gun-agnostic IWB holster

Armadillo Concealment has developed a new kind of in-the-waistband holster called the X-FER. Designed to wrap around weaponlights and just weaponlights, the holster doesn’t have to be made for specific gun/light combinations. Holster the light, the gun goes with. 

It’s such a maddeningly simple idea we’re surprised this isn’t a big thing already. Finding holsters for guns with lights is hard enough to do for on-the-waistband, let alone in. And that’s the most genius part: an OWB holster or drop holster would not have enough retention if it only held on to the light. But because it’s an IWB holster, your belt and clothes provide the rest of the tension and friction to keep the gun secure.

From their video introduction to the X-FER, it seems as though it has a good grip but not so much clasp to it that it would make drawing it difficult. And, as they point out, if you like suppressors and hate sitting, than this is the holster for you.

Which highlights this holster’s main shortcoming. As minimalist as this design is, it’s for full-size weaponlights and matching guns. Right now the X-FER is available for SureFire X200 and X300 lights and they are taking pre-orders for Streamlight TLR-1 holsters. 

There are smaller lights that are more suitable for concealed-carry, and unless there are issues with poor retention for specific models—each design is different and we can see some lights just plain not working with this type of holster—we still want to see holsters for more compact models. That being said, for a new product that criticism doesn’t carry much weight and we’re sure in time Armadillo Concealment will address it. We also understand that for this type of product, it’s important to target common lights, which they are. 

The X-FER is a molded Kydex holster with a reinforced nylon belt loop that can be adjusted for height and cant, and it can also be reversed making this an ambidextrous design. Because it’s designed around the light, you can use it with any gun that works with it, meaning with one holster you can rotate your carry guns. The holster has a universal trigger guard extension to protect the trigger. 

It’s priced at $55, making it pretty affordable in addition to universal. If you’re interested in one, you can get one here.

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