Check Out These Creepy Bone Dueling Pistols!

Halloween is on the horizon, so it’s time to get out your creepy costumes and spooky props. Here’s one macabre art piece that’s sure to tickle the funny bone of any Halloween gun-lover: a pair of dueling pistols made entirely out of animal bones.

Creepy, aren’t they? New Zealand artist Bruce Mahaski built these grotesque firearms out of bones and teeth of animals that he found locally. Mahaski reveals on his site that they were made out of “any number of small animals including cat, ferret, horse, cow, prion, gull, albatross, hawk, snapper and hedgehog.” adds that the barrels were made out of cat vertebrae, and the skulls at the end of the barrels were made from a ferret and a black-backed gull. Creepy molar-bullets complete the set.

Bone PistolMahaski worked with New Zealand jeweler Vaune Mason to create the case with the custom rimu table.

The pistols went up for auction with a hefty starting price of $1,500. We’re sorry to report that the pieces have already been sold, so gun owners looking for the perfect props for this year’s zombie gunslinger Halloween costume are out of luck.

We’re a little bit torn on this art piece. Are the guns beautiful? Well, yes – in their own odd way. The custom case with the red velvet gives it that classy look, and the intricate patterns of alabaster bone are truly remarkable. You’ve still gotta get past the fact that these are made out of dead animals and the whole ick-factor. Clearly, these pistols are only for eccentric collector types.

And just to be clear, these guns aren’t functional at all. They’re just art pieces that are shaped like guns.

Those of you who are just dying to get your hands on a bone firearm still have a chance to purchase one of Mahaski’s works. He has a number of different bone-themed art pieces available on his website, including a hideous mummified cat gun made out of “a 100 year plus mummified cat [that Mahaski] got from underneath an old building.” He also sold off a bone M468 a while back.

If people keep buying Mahakis’s grisly creations, we could see a whole line of bone firearms. Maybe we’ll see a spinal cord sniper rifle or a rib cage hand grenade. It wouldn’t be very surprising. After all, dead animals are all the rage nowadays in the art world. Damien Hirst sold a cow suspended in formaldehyde for $18 million. There’s no accounting for taste, eh?

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