Brownells preparing new website with focus on ease of use, gunsmithing, reloading and maybe zombies

Brownells will shortly be rolling out a new website that builds on their immense catalog of firearms, ammunition, parts and accessories with a new, easier-to-use and prettier-looking version of their website. The new website also showcases their many how-to videos and expansive library of resources for the budding (or established) gunsmith.

The changes look to bring Brownells into the same light as many other big-box online vendors, making it easy to browse as well as specify what product you’re interested in. Not that Brownells has a bad website, but it does have its shortcomings and sometimes finding what you want to buy is easier to do somewhere else.

It looks like the new design builds on the existing website so if you’re already a Brownells expert shopper you won’t find yourself in the mire. The categories and taxonomy are staying the same. They’re just adding new search features and other small changes to make it easier to spend money, in addition to giving it a thorough remodeling.

They will be adding a few new categories for sales and stuff that’s on clearance, because everyone loves a good bargain.

But the biggest change is going to be to the gunsmithing/learning section of the website. Brownells has been making tutorials, walkthroughs, how-tos and other guides to help people of all shooting and smithing skill levels to get better at what they do. They have over 800 videos on subjects like reloading, refinishing, cleaning and maintenance on their YouTube channel alone, and they’re going to be integrating this content with their main website.

So now when you decide to start shopping around for 1911 stuff, you can see how to use a hammer and sear tool kit to do your own action job, in addition to buying the necessary parts. While they’ve been building this library of resources for years, some people might not even know it exists with the current web design. We’re happy to see that change.

They’ll also be adding interactive parts diagrams for firearms, where individual parts are linked to their corresponding product pages. You may not know what the exact name of a particular pin or lever is, but with their diagrams, you can click on the part and find a replacement.

We know Brownells isn’t the least expensive company out there, but they’re taking the saying “You get what you pay for” seriously. These new additions will go a long way to adding new customers and ensuring future business with existing ones by going out of their way with this extra content and usability.

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