Michigan Father Wields Shotgun Against Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

We’re all familiar with the old stereotype of a shotgun-toting father warily eyeing the man who’s enthusiastically eyeing his daughter. It’s fallen out of fashion a bit recently, but just because you see that trope on TV less frequently now, that doesn’t mean that fathers all across America aren’t secretly fantasizing about their firearm every time “that cute boy from school” comes a-knocking.

One father in Wyandotte, Michigan, became the envy of protective fathers everywhere when he got an opportunity to bring his shotgun to bear against a too-cool-for-school ex-boyfriend.

According to The News Herald, a 17-year-old teen got into a confrontation with her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend out on the neighborhood streets. The girl had just broken up with the individual three days later and, evidently, he had something to say about it.

The girl phoned police and told them that her ex had been harassing her through texts and voice mails, but then the confrontation escalated. Things got physical and the man grabbed the girl’s keys so that she couldn’t leave the scene. The police were still on the way, but a young girl can always count on dear-old dad in times like these. The girl ran screaming to her father, who was asleep at home.

The father awoke and grabbed the only two things you need for a situation like this: a pair of pants and a shotgun. The 44-year-old father confronted the belligerent man on his front porch, where the boyfriend charged him (talk about dumb).

It must have been the attacker’s lucky day, because the father opted not to shoot the boy, and instead tried to club him with his shotgun. The attack missed, giving the boy an opportunity to force the father to the ground and punch him several times in the face.

Police arrived and chased after the man in a cat-and-mouse game that eventually ended when police spotted the ex dive into a friend’s car. He was arrested and so was his accomplice, who was carrying 3.7 grams of marijuana in his vehicle.

This is a particularly interesting story because it could have ended very differently. It’s truly hard to tell whether the father should have pulled the trigger, or if the best course of action was to pursue a non-lethal route. Defending yourself and your family is one thing, but does a hot-headed 18-year-old boy wrapped up in a lover’s quarrel really deserve to be shot? What do our readers think? Where do you draw the line when it comes to protecting your family?

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