The Redring holographic sight just for shotguns (VIDEO)

The Redring by Redring USA is a new type of shotgun optic out of Sweden. What makes it stand out is its unique reticle and mounting system. It was announced late last year and after making the international rounds it is now available to shooters in the U.S. Redring reticle

It is an eponymous optic with a red ring holographic reticle. Depending on your load and your rifle, the ring can be used as a guide to estimate how far away your target is. As long as you’re familiar with your shot and choke, you can guess right where to put that ring and when to pull the trigger. For most shotguns, the ring is about what target and game loads spread to at 20 meters, or 65 feet or so. 

It uses a universal rib- mounting system that can accommodate ribs from 5mm to 11.5mm, and is very low profile. So whether you intend to put this on your custom engraved, inlaid Merkel over-under or tacticool 1100, it’s going to work.  It’s also built with a recoil-dampening system to reduce the stress of shotgun forces. 

The Redring’s mounting system clamps on to the rib and just the rib, so it won’t change the way your gun shoots. The mount is up inside the optic with the electronics and battery compartment hanging down and to the sides. This way you don’t need to change your stock or grip for a proper cheek weld. The reticle floats right above the muzzle.

Being parallax-free, like tactical optics, the Redring is designed to be shot with both eyes open. And speaking of tactical, while this is intended for sport shooting and hunting, we have no reason to believe it wouldn’t be handy for the social workers of the gun world. An optic like this would be just as happy doing nightstand duty as it would be on patrol. Time will tell if it’s rugged enough to do a couple tours, but we could see this optic do a lot more than bust clays. 

Another neat thing about the Redring is that while you can manually adjust the brightness of the reticle, it can also be set to automatic mode. This doesn’t just use the ambient brightness, it has a target sensor built into it. If your target is against a bright background, it will automatically up the power. If you’re shooting into a dark area, the reticle will be dimmed to be less distracting. 

Watching it in use with practical shooters is mesmerizing. They have plenty of more videos on their YouTube channel and Facebook page

As far as technical details, here goes. It has a 300-hour runtime on a AAAA battery, yes, quadruple-A, which can be found online pretty easily. It will automatically shut off after four hours after turning it on or manually adjusting the brightness. It weighs less than five ounces without a mount, 4.7 to be exact, and 6.8 with. It uses a hard-anodized chassis that measures 5.25-inches long, and is about 1.75 inches wide and tall. 

The only pill to swallow is the price. Right now, because they’re new and cool, they’re on sale for $750. The MSRP is $900. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so out of place on that custom Merkel. However, you’d be hard-pressed to mount an EOTech on a shotgun easily without also replacing the stock if you expect to have anything remotely ergonomic, and that’s not going to cost you less in the end. 

The Redring is a genuinely interesting shotgun optic, and we look forward to trying them ourselves.

Photo credit Redring/Marcus Rohrbachr.

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