Wilson Combat high-performance upper receivers back in stock

Wilson Combat has re-stocked their shelves and now has a full lineup of high-end complete upper receivers for AR-pattern rifles. This isn’t a new product announcement but it may as well be, as the custom firearm firm has been tapped for some time now. 

So in a way, this is more than thirty new products, with upper receivers available in .204 Ruger, 5.56 NATO, .223 Wylde, 6.8 SPC-II, 300 Blackout, 7.62X40 WT, and .458 SOCOM, with various handguard options, gas system lengths and barrel profiles. 

If you’ve been hoping to pick up one of these premium uppers, with hand-lapped match barrels, NP3-treated bolt carrier assemblies and Wilson Tactical TRIM tactical handguards for yourself or your tactical or sporting loved ones this holiday season, good news, they’re back in stock. Prices vary from upper to upper but range from $1,250-1,350. 

Some of our favorites include these:

Complete Upper Assembly, .223 Wylde, Super Sniper, 20-inch

This upper features a satin stainless heavy-profile 20-inch barrel for long-range accuracy over a large number of shots. The heavy barrel ensures that your point of impact shifts less due to its enhanced thermal properties. The barrel is chambered for .223 Wylde, which is designed to accept both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO without any compatibility or accuracy issues. 

It has a 1-in-8 rate of twist for a wide variety of bullet weights, so whether you’re shooting match-grade .223, off-the-shelf white box stuff, or military surplus, you can be sure the bullets will be stabilized. This is perfect for long practice sessions and match shooting. $1,250.

Complete Upper Assembly, 6.8 SPC II, Recon Tactical, 16-inch, Fluted

The 6.8 SPC cartridge was developed by Remington, the Army Marksmanship Unit and USSOCOM as a possible replacement for 5.56 NATO. It uses a 6.8mm or .270-inch bullet, which balances accuracy and terminal performance. It also has good barrier penetration. It is currently in service with special military units but has also gained a foothold in the commercial market.

Designed to work well from carbine-length barrels, this is a good all-around cartridge for competitive shooting and hunting. We like this upper because it has a standard-profile barrel that’s fluted for accuracy and 16 inches long. Not short, not long, just right. $1,350.

Complete Upper Assembly, 300 AAC Blackout, SBR, 11.3-inch

We can’t brag about 6.8 SPC and leave 300 BLK hanging. If 6.8 Remington SPC II was designed to be an all-purpose cartridge than 300 AAC Blackout is it’s evil twin. 300 BLK is, of course, the drop-in 7.62 caliber cartridge for 5.56 rifles. It uses the same mags and bolt, just a different barrel. It’s designed for up-close shooting, with a max effective range of 500 yards, and that’s optimistic. That drops down to less than half when using subsonic cartridges. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a quieter suppressed load that isn’t rimfire. 

300 AAC Blackout has been designed to take advantage of short barrels, SBR short. In fact, anything longer than 10-12 inches will see dramatically-diminished returns in terms of ballistics. This upper measures in at 300 BLK’s sweet spot. This uses a pistol-length gas system, which is how you’ll have to build it unless you have an SBR lower good to go. It’s not expensive by Wilson standards, so get going on that tax stamp already. $1,250.

These are just a few of Wilson Combat’s many excellent uppers. For the rest, check out their online store. Two little words, “In Stock.”

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