Gen 3 PMAGs shipping Nov. 1, Gen 2 gets new lower price

Magpul will very soon be shipping their latest-generation polymer PMAGs. We’re pretty impressed with the number of added features these magazines bring to the table and are happy to say they’ll start shipping to distributors starting Nov. 1.

But to hear that they will continue to make their current PMAGs and offer them at new, lower prices is just icing on the cake. So if you have a nice collection of second-generation PMAGs, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get more and they’ll cost less. PMAG GEN 3 M3

Officially dubbed the PMAG GEN M3, the new magazines have been redesigned to work with a wider range of firearms.

While the M2 magazines work with just about every AR-15, M4 and M16 rifle in existence, they don’t work with other rifles that have different mag wells but use standard STANAG magazines, such as the HK416 and the Marine’s new M27 IAR.

They also have some things that will make them appeal to the AR-15 crowd, like a new “over-travel stud,” an extended rib that prevents the magazine from being inserted too far into the gun, potentially causing damage to the mag catch and feeding problems.

Overall the magazine is more slender than its predecessor and will work with more magazine carriers.

There’s also a four-character dot matrix at the bottom of the magazine that lets you easily and clearly mark your magazines. This will let you know whose mags belong to who and number them for inventory and trouble-shooting purposes.

It uses a new four-way anti-tilt follower that’s been redesigned to work with the FN SCAR’s bolt catch, too. The older design would wear too quickly. Plus the M3 uses new polymers for even more durability.

“Here at Magpul, when we make a product, we have a hard time leaving it alone. We continue to test, to collect feedback from end-users, and to find ways to improve.

The original PMAG benefitted from these efforts with the MREV improvements in 2009. Since then, we’ve continued the quest for constant evolution. With millions of magazines in worldwide military service and a self-critical eye in our engineering department, the M3 project started in 2011.”

Now that the M3 has been officially launched, we can say that the MSRP will be $15 for the standard 30-round magazines and $18 for the windowed version. The new price for M2 PMAGs will be $13 and $15 for the windowed magazines. And of course, real-world prices should be a bit lower. Because it uses a new polymer colors will require further testing, because colors can have different material strength. For now, Magpul will be shipping M3 magazines in black only.

It’s not known if Magpul will continue to make the more expensive EMAG, their current non-AR-friendly magazine, or if and when they will develop a 20-round M3 for places with magazine capacity restrictions. Both are likely on a long enough timeline.

There’s still more to come. “We have a series of new developments and additions to the line that will be released soon, so keep an eye on our social media, sign up for our newsletter, and follow this blog for the latest news on what is coming next from honest engineering and American manufacturing.”

What do you think they’re going to announce next? (Please let it be 40-round M3s.)

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