Wisconsin 'Nam Vet Holds Thief at Gunpoint

George of Kenosha, Wisconsin, isn’t the type of guy you want to tangle with. His home may not be extravagant, but it’s all his. “This is my turf,” he told reporters, “from here up to the sky.” One would-be robber learned that lesson too late when he came face-to-face with George and his Smith & Wesson M&P pistol.

According to reports, 18-year-old Lorenzo Jones used a brick to break into his home. George, who asked that his last name be withheld, was asleep upstairs when he heard a noise. “I heard that,” George recalled. “I knew there was somebody in the house.”

George grabbed his .22-caliber pistol, which he kept loaded and on his nightstand, and went to confront the intruder. He told the robber, “I got a weapon. It’s loaded. I’m prepared to shoot, come out.” He then ordered Jones to put his hands on his knees – that’s kind of an odd thing for a gun owner to demand, but when a gun-wielding gun owner catches you in the middle of a robbery you don’t have much choice. Jones complied, and from there it was a waiting game until the police showed up.

Jones later told the police that he had only broken into the home because he was hungry and he was looking for some food. Somebody had moved George’s flat-screen TV out into his backyard, however, so unless Jones was looking for sandwich materials behind the DVD player his story sounds kind of bogus.

Jones was arrested, unsurprisingly, and locked up with a $10,000 bail. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison and $50,000 in fines. Jones has been using a sob-story in court. Even at the young age of 18, he already has four children with a fifth one is in the works. He later admitted that he’d planned on selling the TV to feed his family.

Of course, it is yet to be determined whether the courts will show any mercy on him. It doesn’t seem likely – even Jones’ father, Lorenzo Jones Sr. didn’t give his son much sympathy.

He told reporters, “I deeply apologize. I can imagine how terrifying that would be, someone coming into your home like that… If you’re coming into my home like that, I can’t really honestly say you’re gonna walk out like you came in. I offer any kind of sympathy and sorrow toward that family.”

It’s unfortunate that those half-a-dozen kids might have to grow up with their father in jail, but at least they’ll have a chance to know their father. Jones’ life quite literally rested in the trigger finger of this homeowner, and George opted to take the merciful route. He should be thankful that the veteran remained calm, patient, and reasonable throughout the ordeal.

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