Glock Donates $400K to National Law Enforcement Museum

A policeman has to trust his life with his firearm — there’s no doubt about that. So, it’s not surprising that law enforcement officers would think fondly of their favorite firearm manufacturers.

That’s not a one-sided love connection. Glock also loves to bat its eyelashes at law enforcement officers – to the tune of $2 million. Glock has promised the sum to help fund the National Law Enforcement Museum. Just yesterday, Glock handed over its second installment totaling $400,000 to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF). Glock presented the money at the National Law Enforcement Museum site in D.C.

Josh Dorsey, the vice president of Glock, said, “The National Law Enforcement Museum will honor the more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers serving our country, and also memorialize the many officers that have given their life in the line of duty. Glock is honored to give to this cause and support the law enforcement community that gives so much to protect our safety.”

Hmm, “our country?” Isn’t Glock Austrian? Well, we can’t really begrudge them for being European. The cynical readers out there will probably think of this donation as a strategic marketing opportunity aimed at advertising. Whether or not that’s true doesn’t really change the fact that they’re still donating a hefty chunk of change to a worthy cause. If we could choose between Glock buying TV ad space or donating the money to gun users for the same effect, then we’d naturally pick the latter.

We can look forward to the memorial museum around 2015. It’s still in the works, but luckily you can catch a virtual tour of the museum below. Not only will the museum serve to memorialize fallen U.S. officers, but it will also give visitors insight into the unique world of law enforcement, how to cuff a suspect, and the intricacies of forensic science.

Actually, it doesn’t look half bad. It’s got crime scenes, a mock-up jail and… let’s face it: the main appeal of the National Law Enforcement Museum is just that it lets people pretend to be a police officer for a day. It’s pretty much a 55,000 square-foot fantasy playground for adults.

And thanks to the generosity of Glock, that museum is one step closer to becoming a reality. Glock is really throwing out money left and right.

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