Shootout in Detroit Suburban Home Leaves Father Dead, Intruder Wounded

We love reporting gun stories wherein gun owners dispense vigilante justice against thieves who want to prosper off of the hard work of others. Unfortunately, things can’t always be sunshine and burglar-punching. Sometimes, innocent gun owners who just wanted to live their lives in peace are murdered because of one heartless act.

That’s what happened in Pontiac, Michigan, earlier this week. Adrian Contreras, a 27-year-old husband and father, was gunned down during a home invasion.

According the Detroit Free Press, two intruders forced their way into Contreras’ home shortly after 3 a.m. and began firing shots. Contreras was struck multiple times and was pronounced dead from the wounds.

Adrian’s pregnant wife and their six-month-old daughter escaped to a neighbor’s house when the intruders broke in, while Adrian and his two brothers, David and Brian, remained in home during the shooting.

David described the event, “After a couple of rounds got off (from the intruders), my brother (Brian) lit off a round and I tackled (the intruders) out of the house. We didn’t let them get that far.”

And just like that, the shooting was over. Adrian was dead and one of the intruders was limping away with a bullet wound. Things could have been a lot worse, but fortunately they had a shotgun.

David said, “It wasn’t supposed to be for protection. It’s a hunting (shotgun), and he was getting it ready for shotgun season next month.” That hunting shotgun probably saved the lives of David, Brian, Adrian’s wife, and his child.

The man who was shot was later captured by police, and the police have also brought two other suspects into custody. Hopefully, the legal system will serve justice on behalf of the Contreras family.

In the meantime, the Contreras are left to pick up the pieces and wonder what could have provoked the shooting.

“I’m a cook, Adrian was a cook, and my brother Brian works in concrete — and we were just all taking care of each other,” David said. “There was no real reason for what was going on; they weren’t robbing the place. I want to see them locked up and serve time because it’s nonsense. I don’t wish death on anyone, but since they took my brother’s life, they should have to spend theirs in jail.”

Cases like these are proof that law-abiding citizens need to be able to arm themselves. It’s impossible to say for sure what would have happened if the Contreras family hadn’t had access to a gun, but based on the available evidence it seems likely that we would have turned on the news earlier this week to a massacre – three brothers, a wife, and a child shot dead in their home. Who would want to live in a world like that?

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