Rob Pincus' Business End Customs Glock 26L

Rob Pincus of ICE Firearm Training Services—Integrity, Consistency, Efficiency and hacking apart Glocks—has been showing off his “new” Glock 26L, following the naming convention of the Glock 17L. Combining the best features of the Glock 19 and Glock 26, this long-slide custom handgun goes farther than just a simple grip chop. 

The 26L is a heavily-customized second-generation Glock 23 remade for Pincus by Business End Customs gunsmiths. Pincus did a grip chop, meaning that cut off the lower portion of the grip, to make the gun smaller and accept compact magazines. The problem is, the grip chop was done poorly, basically ruining the gun.

Business End Customs Glock 26L right side

Business End Customs rebuilt the gun, constructing a new grip with epoxy and shaping it to match the dimensions of a Glock 26. The surface of the grip has been stippled all the way around for more traction over the relatively smooth second-generation Glock texture. At the same time, the trigger guard has been undercut and the magazine release relieved. They added a pair of openings at the magazine well for prying out a magazine that’s stuck from mud or grime. 

And the slide has been given a thorough work-over, too. Business End has completely de-burred the slide, giving it “melted” corners that are significantly less likely to catch on clothes when drawing from a concealed holster. The original Glock logo and 19 have been ground off and replaced with a laser-etched custom Glock 26L logo that we have to say looks a little better than the factory rollmarks. On the top of the slide is a Business End Customs logo. 

Business End Customs Glock 26L left side

The 23’s frame was given a Sniper Grey Cerakote finish and the slide Tactical Grey. The sights have replaced, too, with Ameriglo EMS “Claw” night sights, which can assist with one-handed racking against a belt or boot. The final touches convert the .40 S&W pistol to 9mm Parabellum, and include a 9mm extractor and barrel. 

Being a carry gun, the gun doesn’t have a competition trigger, but it does have a custom trigger bar and a cleaned-up trigger housing for a clean 5-pound pull. 

We really like that they started with a second-generation Glock. Although they don’t have the thumb rests on the grips, they also don’t have a rail, which isn’t something that a carry gun absolutely needs, especially one that is going to be appendix-carried, as Pincus does. This gun is not going to need a light, so why have another potential snagging point? 

What started out as a mangled, amateur-chopped .40 caliber pistol has been rebuilt into an outstanding everyday-carry 9mm. The gun has the barrel length, noise and recoil of a service handgun but the grip and features of a great concealed-carry pistol. With a 4-inch barrel and a 10+1 capacity, this gun has a lot of boom in a small package. The only thing it needs now is a pinky extension. 

We’ve got to give a hand to Pincus for savaging his Glock 23 and a full round of applause to Business End Customs for undoing all that damage and then some. If you’re thinking about getting some work done to your EDC gun, you might want to keep them in mind.

Check out the whole write-up with more before and after photos here.

Hat tip Gunmart Blog.

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