Crossbreed's new Ankle Rig holster now available

A good holster is key in carrying concealed, and Crossbreed is one of the top names in the holster industry. Their reputation stems entirely from their products, holsters that make guns go away while still providing high levels of retention and comfort. And after years of making great holsters that you sling around your waist, they’re now making a rig for your ankle. It’s called the Ankle Rig. 

Crossbreed Ankle RigLike so many of their products, this holster focuses on staying put without binding or growing heavy. Designed by Crossbreed founder Mark Craighead, the Ankle rig hangs from a band around your calf, like a mini drop-leg holster. A second strap secures the holster around your ankle. The ankle section is padded to keep steel from hitting bone. 

The Ankle Rig differs from most of Crossbreed’s holsters in that it’s universal. It’s designed for subcompact single-stacks such as the Ruger LCP, the SIG P238 and a long list of Kel-Tec pistols, but it will work with larger guns like the new Springfield XD(s). It can also hold small-frame revolvers as shown above. The Ankle Rig uses a thumb break as the primary means of retention so the rest of the fit doesn’t need to be exact. The material will also stretch a little over time for larger guns. 

The price is right, too, at $50. It does come with Crossbreed’s two week money-back guarantee and has a lifetime warranty, so there’s no chance you’ll throw your money away if you don’t like it or something goes wrong. 

While there are many ankle holsters out there, there’s only one Crossbreed. If you’re looking for an alternative way to carry a small handgun and don’t want to have to think too hard about which ankle rig to get, you might want to just get an Ankle Rig, for when an in-the-waist holster is just not going to work. 

For now, sadly, the Ankle Rig is only available for righties. A left-handed version is still in the works. If you’re interested in picking up an Ankle Rig head on over to the product page, otherwise you can peruse all of Crossbreed’s offerings right here.

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