ATI's new suppressor-ready FX45-K

American Tactical Imports (ATI) has been rapidly expanding their FX45 series of 1911-type pistols. They’re breaking a lot of molds though, recently adding some lightweight alloy-framed single- and double-stack models for concealed-carry to their catalog.

This new FX45-K is at the opposite end of the 1911 spectrum.

The FX45-K is built around a Commander-style slide and frame but with an extended, threaded barrel, for hosting a suppressor. The barrel measures in at 4.7 inches so it’s nearly full-length, and it’s threaded .578×28 RH. We like the idea of using a Commander-type 1911 for silencers—Anything to keep the overall length down.

Other features of the FX45-K include Novak-style sights, a lowered ejection port with an elongated locking lug, a skeletonized trigger, ambidextrous safety, beavertail safety with memory button, synthetic checkered grips, an accessory rail and one 7-round magazine.


We’re a little surprised that it doesn’t come with suppressor sights, but we also expect anyone who buys one of these to immediately throw away the magazine, swap out the grips, install night sights and have the trigger worked on. FX45s are good handguns, particularly for the price, and make a great platform to build a custom gun on. And from the picture, it looks like these sights might even rise above the fake can just a hair.

This steel-framed .45 measures in at 7.3 inches long and 39 ounces without a silencer, so recoil is not going to be an issue. The MSRP is $720 so we expect the real-world price to be a lot closer to $500 or $550.

We like ATI’s FX guns, they often need a break-in and have somewhat heavy factory triggers, but the slide, barrel and frame fitment is at the head of the class. These guns have tight tolerances the likes of which aren’t often seen except with high-end and custom 1911s.

If you’re saving up for a suppressor host but are on a budget, this 1911 might just be a candidate for your short list. Everything you don’t spend on the gun can go towards your can and its tax stamp.

ATI doesn’t have a product page listed for the FX45-K just yet, but if you’re interested, check out the press release.

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