ArmaLite reintroducing the AR-10 LE Carbine

ArmaLite, Inc. is updating their standard-bearing AR-10 Law Enforcement Carbine with a new set of sights. Previously, the AR-10 LE used a standard A2 front sight which did not align exactly with the A4-style flattop upper receiver of the AR-10. This limited the end user’s options when it came to installing rear back up irons. 

This small change makes the rifle compatible with all aftermarket rear sights for AR-15s. The new front sight looks like a standard A2 but is taller to match the larger rear receiver. This also makes the sights align properly with any cowitnessing optics like red dot sights and low-magnification scopes and their mounts. No longer will users be forced to find Armalite-specific replacement parts and upgrades. 

It’s a little fix that makes a world of difference, which makes the AR-10 LE just that much more appealing. Despite the Law Enforcement moniker, this is no cut-rate, good enough for government work rifle. The AR-10 LE comes complete with high-end features and accessories. 

The AR-10 LE uses ArmaLite’s atypical 8-position buttstock, for four inches of adjustment, with a fixed cheek rest. These are very nice if you have any hair that can get caught in the buttstock and provides a chin weld that feels the same no matter how much you extend the stock. ArmaLite pairs it with their own rubber finger-groove grip.

Rounding out the furniture is ArmaLite’s quad rail handguard which includes rail covers to protect the handguard and give you something to hang on to. It comes standard with a Troy Medieval Muzzle Brake at the end of its 16-inch chrome moly, chrome-lined barrel, which also acts as a compensating flash hider and standoff device for improvised door-breaching and hurting people. 

Finally, it uses a tactical two-stage trigger instead of the standard, heavy mil-spec fire control group. The rest of the details, courtesy the press release:

  • Caliber: .308 Winchester/7.62X51mm NATO
  • Twist: 11:25-inch
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Overall length: 35.3 to 39.3 inches
  • Accuracy: 2-2.5 MOA
  • Included With Rifle: One 10-round magazine, sling, black case, owner’s manual, limited lifetime warranty

“ArmaLite already manufactures well-known, dependable AR-10A2 carbines. They are based on the traditional A2 front sight, A2 upper receiver and permanent carry handle. The AR-10 LE Carbine combines an innovative A2 style front sight with the A4 flat-top upper receiver so popular for its ability to accommodate sights, scopes, lights and other LE accessories.”

Being a premium rifle and an ArmaLite means that this rifle is not an impulse buy; the MSRP is $2,200. If you’re looking for an option with a lower price, ArmaLite recently introduced their bare-bones A4-featured AR-10A with a much lower MSRP at just $1,557.

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