Haley Strategic's new Thorntail Offset Mount for lights and sights

Due to popular demand, Haley Strategic Partners has developed a new type of Thorntail mount. Like previous Thorntail mounts, this offset mount is a means to affix a weaponlight to your rifle, but it’s designed for lights—and any other accessories—designed to work with Picatinny rails.

The Thorntail Offset Mount was specifically designed to re-position an Inforce WML, or Weapon Mounted Light, in such a way that the rear push-button power switch is easier to manipulate. The WML is a combination visible light and infrared light designed to compliment night vision setups, and it mounts directly to a quad rail.

Haley’s new mount lets you mount the WML at a more comfortable angle, and you can customize it with its 10 position settings for left- and right-handed use. Here you can see how simple it is to configure and install.

This mount also works with other Picatinny-mounted lighting systems, like SureFire weapon lights which are getting incredibly bright of late. It places the toggle switch of SureFire’s X-series lights right at thumb height, and angles them so that you can easily turn them on or off without having to compromise your grip. It’s also been tested with Streamlight and Insight weapon lights.

Because they hang off the top rail, you can use these with rifles that don’t have 3- and 9-o’clock rails as well, or are not AR-pattern rifles where the side rails are difficult to use with these types of accessories.

Thorntail Offset MountAnd they work with anything else that is rail-mounted, for instance, iron sights. With one on your flattop receiver and the other on a handguard or railed gas block, you can run your rifle with a magnified optic on top and quickly look down the side to use your irons. Because these are not offset by less than 45 degrees, you don’t have to dramatically change your grip or stance to use iron sights.

So is this the “close-quarters combat solution” you were looking for? Or do you think this is a way to separate fools from their money? Can it be both? The Thorntail Offset Mount runs $50, and we can see more than a few people running out to buy three for their tactical black rifle without giving it much thought at all.

At the same time, the way Haley handles the rifle with the lights, it seems like a natural addition to anyone’s setup, particularly if they already own a WML or pistol weapon light. Of course, if you’re not sure you need offset sights, you probably don’t, so that should save you some money right there.

In any case, this looks like a slick way to fix a light on your gun; it keeps things simple yet has enough options to really let you set thing up your way. And while it may have been designed with the WML in mind, we think it would look even better with a SureFire X300 Ultra.

For more Haley-based goodness check out the Haley Strategic website and Facebook page.

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