7 reasons to get Magpul Gen M3 PMAGs

Magpul is currently shipping their next-generation PMAG to vendors. The New Gen M3 PMAG is made with an updated polymer composite that allows them to do more with less. These new magazines are thinner than the second-generation PMAGs we’ve come to know and love, and even trust with our lives.

Designed to work with non-AR/M16/M4 rifles that accept STANAG magazines, the new PMAGs have a pile of other features that put them well ahead of the pack, including current PMAGs, like the over-insertion stop to prevent damage to the bolt stop catch, a redesigned follower for better compatibility with a wider range of bolt catches, a redesigned, slender floorplate that’s easier to use with magazine carriers and a dot matrix molded into the base of the magazine to let you enumerate and label your mags.

In case you were worried that the new, thinner polymer was going to compromise the ability of Magpul’s product to weather trauma, they’ve put together these videos of the Gen M3 PMAG absolutely humiliating the USGI mag.

Without further ado, here are seven great reasons to check out the new Gen M3 PMAG:

1. Feed Lip Drop Test

2. Side Impact Test

3. Crush Test

4. Heat and Pressure Test

5. Full Weapon Drop Test

6. Cold Weather Feed Lip Drop Test

7. Shooting the Gen M3 PMAG

With Magpul’s reputation these tests are somewhat unwarranted, but they make a compelling argument that you should probably pick up some of these new magazines as soon as you can. So, are you?

Absent from these videos is footage of the Gen M2 magazines, which we have to think would also pass the tests. And it’s not like Magpul will be discontinuing them, in fact, they’re getting a new low price.

Well, are you sold yet on these new mags? Or will you continue to stick with your collection of M2 PMAGs? And after watching these videos, who here is going to stick with their USGI magazines?

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