Remington acquires Tapco: what's next for the accessory company?

Tapco, manufacturer of firearm accessories for AR, AK, 10/22, Saiga and SKS rifles in addition to Mossberg and Remington shotgun accessories, was acquired by Remington Arms last Friday. From the press release:

“TAPCO has been in business for more than 25 years and has established market strength through its high qualityU.S.-made products,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Group. “This acquisition will enhance our positioning in the accessories market and allow us to further our research anddevelopment capabilities.”

“With the acquisition of TAPCO, Remington continues to demonstrate its commitment to the firearm parts andaccessories business,” said Scott Blackwell, President of Freedom Group. “TAPCO is well-known as a leader indelivering innovative and dependable products to the shooting marketplace. We are excited about the breadth of the products they bring to our portfolio, and we look forward to utilizing our resources to ensure our consumers andOEM partners benefit from this important acquisition. We welcome TAPCO and its employees into our family of companies.”

Tapco furniture 1

But what does this mean for the companies? We will be surprised if we don’t see a Tapco edition Remington 870, we really will. But Remington’s R-15 and R-25 rifles are higher-end firearms, and there’s no place for Intrafuse furniture on them. 

Which brings us to our point, which is that Tapco has a great reputation when it comes to making AK triggers and their SAW-style pistol grips have a pretty dedicated following, and… they also make other stuff. Other stuff that is sometimes called “Crapco.” Even if Remington shows up this week with a plan to overhaul their products’ quality and starts cracking the whip today it will be a long time before their reputation swings about. 

We can’t say we’re opposed to the idea of a better and brighter Tapco. If Remington puts a little back into it, they could build the brand up to the point where they are a go-to company for firearm accessories, as opposed to being a stop-gap provider of gun parts until you find what you wanted originally back in-stock. 

It’s not as though we expect the company to dethrone Magpul, but with some work, they could be known as Magpul but for SKSes and AKs, as opposed to Tapco for anything. Tapco certainly has the manufacturing capability to take a new position in the accessory market, what’s holding them back is mostly quality control, and also some designs with faces only mothers can love.

Tapco furniture 2

The other area Remington could stand to revamp is Tapco’s non-Intrafuse product line. Tapco makes a lot of parts that are in extremely high demand right now, like buffer tubes and castle nuts. The AR market is white-hot and these little parts have been causing shortages as much as not being able to fine a solid bolt carrier group. Like other Tapco products, these aren’t known for being very precision-made, so it would take an overhaul of the manufacturing and quality control process, but in a pinch they could become a major supplier of basic parts. 

Or they could just sit back and change nothing, just cash checks. Tapco has a solid position in the market selling inexpensive parts and accessories and very little competition. No one will be upset if Remington leaves everything untouched, and if Remington does something silly, like halt production of the G2 trigger, people will turn their backs on the company. 

Now that Tapco is a Remington product, what do you think is in store for the company?

Photo credit Mounts Plus and Tactical Life.

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