Taurus Expands Facilities: Preparation for something big?

Taurus International announced that it will be expanding its facilities by 30 percent, meaning it will have more room to produce more guns, store more guns and, ultimately, ship more guns. So, in essence, it means more Taurus guns in stores in the U.S.

If you hadn’t noticed, Taurus has been a hard charger this year launching a marketing campaign to re-brand the company image, bumping up quality in its products and acquiring companies like Heritage Manufacturing. Currently Taurus is the ninth largest firearm manufacturer in the U.S.

“This increase in infrastructure will provide us the room needed for our current manufacturing demands and will allow [Taurus] future acquisition growth to support production and distribution”, President and CEO of Taurus Mark Kresser said in a press release. “We are clearly in the midst of revitalization here at Taurus and are capitalizing on all growth opportunities.”

And that’s the key word for all this, “Growth!” as Taurus Marketing Director Juli Brayton told Guns.com.

One would assume that with all this action that Taurus is preparing to release something big, possibly even game changing like what they did with the Judge, and perhaps the company will, but right now the goal is simple.

“We are assertively pursuing mergers, acquisitions and business partnerships,” Brayton re-emphasized in an email.

In other words, it seems like the company’s goal is to strengthen rather than expand its catalog with new products, which if you looked at Taurus’s website had gotten to be quite big — so big in fact Taurus had to do some consolidating (mostly by removing flashy variants).

So, what Taurus is doing now is improving quality overall, but that doesn’t necessarily get people excited like a big, flashy new gun gets people excited. But, as Brayton seems to suggest, that’s ok.

As far as new products are concerned, “Remember that famous Orson Wells commercial for Paul Masson? “We will sell no wine before its time?” [Taurus] will introduce new products only when it meets the manufacturing and quality expectations of the New Taurus management group,” Brayton said. “Our products will launch when they’re ready, and not before.  If it aligns with a major show [like SHOT Show], that’s great – but if it doesn’t – with the media support we get from our print and digital partners – any day is a great day to bring something new to gun enthusiasts.”

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