Neighbor Almost Hit by the Crossfire During Home Invasion

A home invasion turned shootout in a Salt Lake City apartment last Wednesday left one suspect wounded and a next door neighbor a bit shaky after he was almost hit during the exchange.

Around 3:20 in the afternoon, according to KSL news, a man, a woman and a child were inside the apartment when there was a knock on the door. The man responded and, as Salt Lake City Police Lt. Bryce Johnson described the scene, “It was a person that this family knew. They started to let them in the door. As the person came in, there were three people waiting. They kind of pushed past and displayed some handguns.”

And that’s when things escalated. The homeowner had a gun of his own, so he opened fire on the intruders and the men wisely fled, but not before one of them caught a bullet.

Jahod Isaac, 26, had his career as a thief cut short when he took a bullet to the knee. He later sought aid at a hospital and was promptly arrested in connection to the home invasion.

Police initially said the man who knocked on the door was a suspect, but later determined that he was in fact forced to cooperate with the suspects, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. He remained after the initial incident and he cooperated with authorities.

The other two suspects are still at large and police said they don’t know what motive the suspects had for entering the home, but think it’s gang related.

Meanwhile, the next door neighbor who was casually going about his business heard the brief exchange of gunfire and said a bullet zipped by his head, striking the wall just inches away.

The neighbor, on the other hand, was upset about the shooting. He was just about to get on the computer when he heard, “some derogatory remarks, something like ‘You motherfucker!’ Then five shots really quickly, just ‘bang, bang, bang!’”

The man, who preferred to remain anonymous, almost became the second person shot – almost killed even – that night.

“One of (the bullets) went through my window and lodged in my wall. I had just barely sat down. I kid you not, another 10 seconds, 15 seconds max, that bullet would have hit me in my head.” He said and added, “I’m not too happy about this.”

Can you blame him? We support the right of gun owners to defend themselves against home invaders, but we probably wouldn’t be thrilled about getting caught in our neighbor’s crossfire, either.

While the authorities didn’t specify who fired the shot that penetrated the neighbor’s wall, it’s fair to say this falls back to the third law of gun safety: always be sure of your target and what is behind it. In a high-octane home invasion, though, it can be hard to keep gun safety in mind unless you practice it so religiously that it’s second nature. Of course, it’s also possible that the near-miss bullet came from one of the robber’s guns, and not from the homeowner’s gun.

How do you think you would handle a dangerous home invasion? Are you a good enough gun owner that you would practice the four laws of gun safety even in a dangerous moment like this, or do you think that rules and safety tips would quickly be replaced by adrenaline and emotion?

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