Homeowner Shoots Would-Be Robber in Butt

One robber’s decision to rob a homeowner at knife point came back to bite him in the ass… so to speak.

According to police reports, 32-year-old David Lucas of Modesto, California, swiped a car and drove the stolen vehicle through a suburban neighborhood, apparently on the lookout for his next job. He found it when he spotted a 69-year-old man working in his garage. Lucas approached the man and attempted to rob him at knifepoint.

But car gear wasn’t the only thing that this California homeowner kept in his garage. He also had a .38-caliber handgun stored nearby. The homeowner managed to grab his gun and fire off a shot at the would-be thief. The bullet hit its mark, but it didn’t fully take down the suspect. Lucas then attempted to grab the gun and during the struggle the homeowner fired off two more shots.

Now bleeding from two bullet wounds, one to the arm and one to the butt, the suspect fled to a nearby property where police eventually found him. The suspect was taken to a hospital and was in stable condition.

Police said, Lucas was discharged from the hospital last night (Nov. 8), interviewed by investigators, and booked at the Stanislaus County Jail. He was charged with home invasion robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, auto theft, and violation of parole.

This homeowner really kicked ass, metaphorically speaking, but we’re having a hard time visualizing how the fight went down. How do you get shot in the butt unless you’re running away from someone? It’s hard to imagine the first shot striking the robber in the butt, because Lucas was probably facing the homeowner. That leaves the second shot – how do you end up shooting somebody in the butt during a hand-to-hand struggle? It must be one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots that you couldn’t replicate even if you tried.

This just goes to show you – a gun is only useful if it’s in your hands and not your attacker’s. Unless you deliver an instantly fatal kill shot to the heart, brain, or other vital organ, then there’s a good chance that your attacker might have enough adrenaline to ignore a bullet wound and make a grab for your gun.

Are we advocating that you always go for a kill shot in a self-defense situation. No, not necessarily. We’re just saying that you should be prepared for close combat. A fight isn’t going to end the second you pull the trigger.

Luckily, this homeowner had enough grip strength to maintain control of his weapon and defend himself. He told reporters that he wanted things to “settle down” before he spoke more openly about the incident. He added that he was relieved that the situation worked out in his favor.

Lucas, on the other hand, gets to be the butt of a lot of jokes.

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