Stained Glass Assault Rifles?

What would it look like if you combined a stained glass window with an M4? Our guess is that it would probably look a lot like Alexander Mijares’ art piece, “Make Art Not War.”

Don’t be fooled, though – it’s not actually stained glass. Mijares created that effect by cutting the outline of the gun out of a sheet of aluminum, and then painting the mock firearm with acrylic paint. The black and red color scheme gives the art piece the illusion of depth, but as you can see from these pre-painted cutouts they’re completely flat.
“Make Art Not War" by Alexander Mijares
These would be the perfect art pieces for anybody who’s looking to start the Divine Church of the Gun. Hang a few of these bad boys in your church windows and you’ll be good to go.
“Make Art Not War" by Alexander Mijares
If you dig Mijares’ art style or if you want to negotiate a price, you can reach him through his official website or through his Facebook page.

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