Police Confiscate Elderly Woman's Gun After Questionable Shooting

Earlier this week in Spokane, Washington a 90-year-old woman spotted a burglar outside of her home. She grabbed her pistol and opened fire on the thief, but the bullet missed its target and lodged in a wall. The elderly woman never got a chance to fire off a second shot because the thief fled the scene. She then called the police.

Sounds like a pretty cut-and-dry self-defense shooting, right? Well, not exactly. Police investigated the scene and found that there were no footprints in the snow and no sign of a break-in at all. Actually the house was locked up pretty tight. So, was there a robber or not? Well, the woman swore she saw one of the neighborhood kids outside, but for police it’s hard to say for sure, especially without any concrete evidence. They concluded that she probably just got confused and was a little quick on the draw.

But the self-defense shooting isn’t the most interesting part of this story – the real controversy comes from what the police did next. They contacted elderly services and tried getting in touch with her family, but then they also confiscated her gun indefinitely.

This is sure to stir up a debate. We can all agree that the elderly woman would have been perfectly justified in shooting at a home intruder. But things get tricky when we ask the question, since it appears that the robber was imaginary, should she still be allowed to have her gun?

But to be fair, it’s not uncommon for authorities to take weapons away after a self-defense incident — it’s all part of standard operating procedure for some departments — but it’s usually an incident where a crime actually took place.

Most would agree to be a gun owner you have to be of sound mind — body is another story (check out this story of a blind man who fought and won for his right to bear arms from May) — but who’s to decide? The police on what seems to be a routine call?

Certainly there are a lot of missing details in this story, but with the details you do have, What do you think about the outcome of this story? And second, do you think the police were justified in confiscating her gun?

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