B.E. Meyers flash hiders now available on the commercial market, starting with 5.56 249F (VIDEO)

There are many flash suppressors on the market and almost every single one claims to be the best, most modern, most efficient flash hider for ultimate muzzle flash elimination. But they can’t all be number one. Made for full-auto fire in combination with night vision and proven in the field, B.E. Meyers are without a doubt towards the top of the flash hider food chain. 

These flash hiders were designed around 2002 to meet the needs of the Department of Defense, and can tame the muzzle flash of full-auto 5.56 and 7.62 NATO machine gun fire and even the blast of the .50 BMG Ma Deuce. You can see them in action, they’re remarkably effective. 

If you haven’t heard about these muzzle devices it’s because until recently, unless you were ordering them by their National Stock Number, they’ve been particularly hard to acquire. B.E. Meyers had no commercial front and did not sell to the general public.

B.E. Meyers flash hider 249FThat changes now with the 249F hitting the market, and it’s available from a couple of vendors. From their product page (.pdf):

“Testing by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in October 2010 confirmed that B.E. Meyers’ 5.56 mm flash hider has the best performance among competitors, reducing muzzle flash by 96 percent compared to the standard-issue ‘Bird Cage’ [A2] model. As a result of this outstanding performance, the U.S. Army specifically requested these flash hiders in a procurement of ‘unusual and compelling urgency.'”

If you’ve spent much time behind an A2 flash hider, then you know it’s already pretty good, and that a 96 percent reduction from that means essentially no flash. 

The basic idea behind a flash hider is to cool the gas, carbon and any unspent powder as they leave the barrel, minimizing the chance of them continuing to burn re-igniting or once they mix with the oxygen outside the barrel. There are a few ways to do this and the 249F does it very well. Gear Scout has an excellent write up of a handful of the most popular muzzle devices out there, including the 249F. 

“Flash hiders are designed to do the opposite of a brake. Instead of concentrating and redirecting muzzle gasses, flash hiders disperse those gasses, and any unburnt gunpowder… The hider spreads these gasses to slow and cool them before friction and pressure cause them to burn. The most efficient hider designs use open tines to spread the gasses in a vortex as they leave the muzzle.”

This flash hider forces the exhaust across its inner-serrated prongs, drawing out the heat and transferring it out along its outer, high-surface are walls. It’s also considerably larger than most flash suppressors, measuring in at 2.75 inches long and weighing 3.5 ounces. It uses standard 1/2-28 threads so it’s good to go with most 5.56 firearms today. 

We’re happy to see one of the top-performing flash hiders ever made finally coming to the consumer side of the market. If you’ve been kicking yourself for not bringing one of these home with you, or just do a lot of night shooting and want the best of the best, you should know that B.E. Meyers flash hiders are now available to the general public. 

We’ll let you know if and when their other flash hiders become available, too.

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