This Beretta Killed Bad Guys in Die Hard AND Lethal Weapon

Hollywood props can be worth gobs of money to the right collector. These props are rare enough on their own, but it’s even rarer to come across a firearm that was used to two separate blockbusters.

Meet this humble little Beretta 92F. It looks like any other Beretta on the market, but this pistol had the honor of starring alongside Bruce Willis in Die Hard and the Lethal Weapon that is Mel Gibson.

Trying to remember the scenes? You can spot the Beretta in the Die Hard trailer:

And we’re sure you’ll all remember that shooting range scene from Lethal Weapon:

It shouldn’t be very surprising that the gun made an appearance in both movies considering who was working behind the scenes. Joel Silver was the producer in both movies, and Michael Papac served as the Weapon Specialist for the blockbusters. Silver and Papac must’ve both liked the look of a Beretta in the hands of a sweaty, take-no-prisoners macho type of guy.

So, where is the gun now? You can find it in the NRA’s National Firearms Museum in Virginia, over in the Hollywood section.

You don’t see quite as many Berettas is movies nowadays – they’ve been replaced with Glocks, AR-15s, and laser pistols. But just because they’ve gotten less common doesn’t mean that these guns have gone out of style. Of all the things that persisted since the 80’s, we’re glad that Berettas and one-man-army action flicks have made the cut, and that the Gibson mullet has fallen by the wayside.

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