Florida Homeowner Forced to Shoot Attacker After Friend is 'Shocked' with Stun Gun, Beaten

A Holly Hill, Florida homeowner was forced to open fire when two men attacked his friend and proceeded to enter the house in an attempted robbery Saturday around 10 p.m. The incident left one of the two men dead and the other on the run.

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, Kenneth Conley, 53, was eating supper on the front porch of his friend 62-year-old Jerry Stremovihtg’s house when two men approached Conley, shocked him with a stun gun and then started beating him with brass knuckles.

Police said that they aren’t sure what the motive was for the two men, 35-year-old Sanlee Alan Bennett and 31-year-old Christopher Barsalou, but they think they were aiming to score some painkillers and prescription drugs.

However, the caper seemed to be meticulously planned as the men were equipped with brass knuckles, a knife, a crowbar, a stun gun and were wearing rubber gloves.

They ordered Conley into the house and the three made their way to the bedroom, where Stremovihtg, who apparently heard the commotion, was waiting. Unlike Conley, Stremovihtg wasn’t about to be caught off guard – he had his .38-caliber revolver ready and opened fire on the intruders, striking Bennett in the chest.

35-year-old Sanlee Alan Bennett was shot and killed during the Nov. 17 incident.Bennett and Barsalou fled and Bennett made it all the way to the front yard before he collapsed. The news report said there was blood all over the steps. Barsalou was able to retreat to a vehicle and drive off. Stremovihtg fired off one shot at the parting vehicle, but the suspect got away.

Bennett paid the ultimate price for the crime; emergency responders pronounced him dead on arrival. Conley and Stremovihtg, on the other hand, survived with non-life-threatening injuries. 31-year-old Christopher Barsalou is the suspected accomplice to Sanlee Bennett. Holly Hill police said they attempted to rob a home on Nov. 17.In addition, police said do not intend to charge Stremovihtg with the shooting. They believe that Stremovihtg acted in self-defense and to protect his friend from the attackers.

Police are still looking for the Barsalou and also an possible female accomplice named Edith or Edy. Police suspect she’s somehow acquainted with Conley and Stremovihtg, and they also think Bennett and Barsalou might’ve been staying with her. 

Both Bennett and Barsalou had served time in prison. Barsalou was imprisoned for shooting into a house and burglary, while Bennett was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

By the sound of things, Stremovihtg made the right choice. These two men have a track record proving just how dangerous they really are. Stremovihtg and Conley will have a lot to be thankful for on the upcoming Turkey Day.

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