Glock Vanilla Pudding Stress Test (VIDEO)

We’ve all had the same nightmare: you’re sitting over your evening vat of vanilla pudding, cleaning your Glock when suddenly an intruder bursts into your home! Oh no! In the surprise, you accidentally drop all of the Glock parts into the pudding! Luckily, the robber is quite slow and he gives you a minute or two to reassemble your gun before attacking you. Will your newly reassembled Glock fire, or will the vanilla gooeyness gum everything up?

YouTube user mattv2099 set out to put our minds at ease by answering this age-old question once and for all. The pudding makes for a rather mucky (and delicious) reassembly, but once he puts everything together the gun performs rather well. It’ll shoot, but you’ll be sure to cover the inside of your house with a thin coating of vanilla-yellow speckles.

What a relief! Now we can dig into our evening tubs of pudding without needing to worry about robbers catching us with our pants down. You can also catch matt2099 whipping up a batch of delicious Glock pudding here

If you want to see more clashes between the world of guns and food, check out the other videos from mattv2099. In this one, he fires off a cinnamon-coated Glock while enduring a mouthful of cinnamon. In another video he encases a Glock in red Jell-O. We usually put little bits of fruit in our Jell-O, but the gun community might enjoy a gun-themed gelatin desert. It won’t be anything new to hunters – we’ve all had to chew carefully to avoid cracking our teeth on baked-in buckshot.

It’s too bad that mattv2099 didn’t come up with a more appropriately holiday-themed challenge. It would’ve been nice to see how well Glocks hold up when stuffed with gravy or cranberry sauce. Well, December is right around the corner. Maybe he can bake a gun in gingerbread dough or douse it in eggnog. Yum!

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