CZ's new 557 Lux precision bolt-action rifle

CZ has been working on a classy 557 rifle that takes one of their lower-priced options and gives it a higher-end stock and fiber optic iron sights. CZ’s guns are already some of the best values on the market, and this new 557 Lux will give shooters even more options when it comes to picking a rifle. 

The 557 is built on the 550 hammer-forged barrel and receiver but uses a new type of action that draws on both Mauser and Remington designs. It uses a short extractor and plunger ejector to ensure smooth cycling and reliability while cutting costs over their standard 550 bolt. 
CZ 557 Lux right side
It’s not just about make the rifle less expensive, the 557 has a handful of added features that many shooters come to expect in rifles today, including a two-position safety that allows you to work the bolt even if it’s engaged. In addition, the rifle has a cocked firing pin indicator, a red pin that extends out the rear of the bolt to let you know that it’s armed. The 557 also has a adjustable trigger that can be tuned for travel before and after the break and adjusted for weight. 

Despite it’s traditional look and “Bavarian” stock, a checkered, oiled walnut stock with a muted Monte Carlo-style cheekpiece and a deeply-curved, swept pistol grip, the 557 has a free-floated barrel and prioritizes accuracy above all else, and should be capable of shooting 1 MOA if you do your part. 

The 557 maintains the chunky scope dovetails of the 550 and 557 Sporter, but adds iron sights for those who want to keep it simple. The front fiber optic sight is protected by a stylized hood and the rear sight is placed well forward of the receiver to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with scopes.  
CZ 557 Lux left side
Availability in Europe is slated for the top of the year for the .30-06 version, with other calibers including .243, .270 and .308 Winchester later on in 2013. An American launch date has not been announced, nor has the price, although Czech vendors are already listing it for the equivalent of about $1,150

The other specifications include a 20.5-inch barrel, an overall length of just under 42 inches and a weight of 7.3 pounds. 

Whether you’re a hunter or long-range shooter this is one gun to be out on the prowl for. 

Photo credit the Firearm Blog/CZ.

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