New firm TrackingPoint developing a guided long-range shooting system

TrackingPoint, a new company operating out of Austin, Tex., has developed a shooting system that is truly unique and fundamentally changes how a person operates a rifle. By using a smart scope and an electronic trigger system TrackingPoint’s “Precision Guided Rifles” can guarantee hits even with the most novice shooters

It’s a very simple system to use. While you’re looking down the “Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope” you mark your target with the push of a button. When you’re ready to shoot, you pull the trigger, which will not cause the rifle to fire until you move the crosshairs to the point where the scope has corrected for windage and elevation. When you move the crosshairs to the corrected position, the gun will automatically fire. 

Essentially, a PGR rifle with TrackingPoint’s IDTS does the shooting. The shooter’s real job is something like being the rifle’s spotter, porter and chauffeur. Just watch. 

The video is impressive, but leaves many questions unanswered, such as can the IDTS system track moving targets? Does it use any type of facial recognition? If not, does TrackingPoint have future versions planned that do? 

Right now TrackingPoint plans to offer three PGR systems which will go into production next year. They’re based on Remington 700 rifles and will have two tactical models, one in .338 Lapua Magnum, the other in .300 Winchester Magnum and a hunting version in .300 Win Mag as well. 

How long do the batteries last? How much does it weigh? Can it be programmed for specific loads? What’s the scope’s rangefinding range and how does it measure wind and other atmospheric elements? Can it be fired if the scope or trigger system is broken or unpowered, like a normal rifle? Will TrackingPoint offer complete rifles, PGR/IDTS kits, or both? Will they develop a night vision or infrared version of the system? Will it be sold on the commercial market right away or will they first go to military and law enforcement agencies? When will it become available, and for how much?

How long will it take for “real” long-range shooters to call the IDTS the “Idiot scope?”

We’ll likely find out concrete information at SHOT Show. There are already whisperings that the XS3, the hunting model, will have a $15,000 pricetag, the XS2, the .300 Win Mag tactical version $17,500 and the .338 Lapua a cool $20,000. Although there is nothing of note up yet, TrackingPoint does have a website and a Facebook page

Questions aside, it’s clear that TrackingPoint has changed shooting. This is a big, new step. We can’t wait to see where it will land.

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