The Chiappa Triple Threat and Triple Crown over, under and in-between shotguns (VIDEO)

Chiappa is developing two new classy-looking three-barrel shotguns called the Triple Threat and the Triple Crown. Both are break-action 12-gauge shotguns with the barrels in a triangular arrangement.

They’re going to make a show of these shotguns. They’re above average in the looks department, at least these early versions, and mix blue and satin stainless against marbled checkered walnut. The Triple Threat is the short-barreled version that measures just 28 inches overall with its “pistol” grip. It has 18-inch barrels that use Rem-Chokes.

The Triple Crown version is built on the same action but uses full-length barrels. Details haven’t been set in stone but it looks like they’ll have 26- or 28-inch barrels. Like the Triple Threat, the Triple Crown uses Rem-Chokes.

The primary advantage of a triple-barrel shotgun is the ability to use three chokes, which could come in very handy in the field. If you’re interested in a Triple Threat for home defense you can optimize each barrel for different loads, so you can choke down buckshot and run a cylinder bore for slugs. And break-action shotguns are as reliable, if not more reliable than pump shotguns and don’t require a whole lot of expertise to operate, making them good for shooters without a lot of experience.

But mostly they’re just cool. Yes, break-action shotguns are light and compact and that’s a strength, but with more and more companies manufacturing high-capacity bullpup shotguns there are better options out there for protection. Plus it looks like these Triples use extractors, not ejectors, which may be a mechanical necessity. Unfortunately it means fast reloads aren’t an option, which is a disadvantage for a firearm intended for self-defense.

No, these shotguns are neat because they’re different, they go up to 11 and look great doing it.

Also, Chiappa might just make a few friends in other countries where people are limited to shotguns with a capacity of just 3 shells.

Still, at a rumored $1,500 per, they’re pretty much only going to make friends with a select crowd. That’s a lot of money for a shotgun that’s for the most part a novelty—not that we’d volunteer to get in front of one. In fact, quite the opposite, we want to get behind one pretty badly. Chiappa will be launching these at SHOT Show next year, and we can hardly wait.

Just think of these as the Mossberg Chainsaw for the discriminating survivor.

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