ATI introducing new 300 BLK ARs to their HD line

American Tactical Imports is adding a pair of new rifles to their HD series, the ARcane Blackout and ARcane Blackout SBR. These HD rifles are chambered in the increasingly popular 300 AAC Blackout and offer lightly-featured packages at reasonable prices. 

The rifles will be offered in two configurations, a standard-length carbine with a 16-inch barrel and, as the name implies, a short-barreled rifle. The SBR version requires a tax stamp and all that but comes with a factory-installed 10.5-inch barrel, which is a really nice length for 300 BLK SBRs. 

Yes, you can cut a barrel down to about seven inches with 300 BLK, but at those lengths you will see a more than marginal decrease in muzzle velocities with full-power loads. A 10.5-inch barrel, on the other hand, is going to get the projectiles up to or very close to their maximum velocities and still leave you with an exceptionally compact package that’s really fun and easy to handle. 
ARcane Blackout
If not for the handguard these ARcane Blackouts would be almost bone-stock for ARs, 300 BLK notwithstanding. They come with slick and minimalistic free-floating nine-inch Head Down Provectus quad rails. These have a full-length 12-o’clock rail and smaller integrated rails near the muzzle at 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock. 

The only other major frill is the inclusion of a full-on muzzle brake instead of the standard flash hider, a PVX also by Head Down. The barrels have 5/8-24 threads common to 300 BLK rifles. The barrels have one-in-seven-inch rifling for both standard and subsonic loads, so it’s good to go as a suppressor host. 
ARcane Blackout
Otherwise the rifles should be familiar already. The construction is mil-spec with 7075-T6 Type III hard-anodized aluminum receivers and bolt carrier groups by Carpenter. They have M4-style pistol grips and buttstocks and run carbine-length gas systems. 

The only thing that’s not included are sights or an optic of some sort. Those tend to be a matter of individual preference so it’s kinda nice that you get to pick your own, and is a good way to keep the sticker low. 

The suggested retail price for the ARcane Blackout HD rifles is a clean $1,000, but you can expect the real-world prices to be a couple hundred less, give or take. If you’re looking for a complete 300 BLK rifle to play around with, ATI’s offering coming in at a good price and a little room to customize it and maybe add a pistol grip and buttstock of your choice. 

Top photo Head Down.

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