Why my first was a .45 by Andrew Tuohy

Not the manufacturer's intended use.

The first handgun that I bought was a Kimber Custom II in .45 ACP. I still have it, and still shoot it a lot. Even underwater.

It’s had basically every major and minor part replaced, and it’s been completely refinished, because the original finish was simply unsuited to the real world. But that’s beside the point. Why did I buy a .45, especially after carrying and being completely satisfied with the performance of my issued 9mm Beretta M9?

Well, that story begins in Iraq, when I was about to redeploy to the United States. I was given an Ambien for the flight back, but ended up not needing it (I had gotten plenty of practice with sleeping in strange and uncomfortable places during my tour).

Once I returned to California, however, I was so excited to be back—and excited to see my family shortly thereafter—that I couldn’t sleep that first night and decided to take the Ambien.

It should be said that drugs and guns don’t mix, but little-known fact is that drugs and online shopping can be just as bad for you.

Well, bad for you. Read the whole thing and admire the amazing photography here.

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