Excel Arms Accelerator Photo Gallery (9 pics)

The Excel Arms Accelerator is a sweet little rifle that comes chambered in either .22 WMR or 5.7x28mm. MSRP runs from $512 to $937 depending on what features you get with it.

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Excel Accelerator

Excel Accelerator

The TAPCO adaptor rail permits attaching a scope to the AR-15 carry handle.

Excel Arms Accelerator

Four allen head bolts hold everything together. The one in the trigger guard is a bit tough to get at.

Excel Arms Accelerator guide

Don’t lose the floating bullet guide when you disassemble the Accelerator – nothing retains it when you remove the four bolts.

Excel Accelerator Right Side

Excel Arms has reason to be proud of its Accelerator carbine; with the right load it’s fully capable of fine accuracy.

Excel Accelerator

Depressing the magazine follower with the provided simple tool makes loading easy.

Excel Arms Accelerator muzzle

The Accelerator’s bull barrel features flutes and a recessed crown.

Excel Arms Accelerator left-hand side

Controls – safety and bolt release – are on the left side.

Excel Accelerator Scoped for Accuracy

A 36x scope and sandbag rests on a concrete bench did much to compensate for stiff, swirling winds at the range.


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