Gun-owners: So Where Do We Go From Here?

Alright the election is well and over and Barack Obama is still our President. So what do we do now knowing that the man in charge of the country would like to ban assault weapons and can and may appoint two or more, gun ignorant judges to the U.S. Supreme Court?

The first thing we need to do is to stop complaining. That is not going to get us anywhere. I have heard that the election was rigged, votes were stolen etc. Whether it was or not doesn’t amount to a hill of beans because the guy with the D next to his name still resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We need to get over that fact and move on and get down to business.

The first thing we need to do is to get a hold of your elected officials and let them know, regardless of if they are Republicans or Democrats and tell them that we will not stand for any new legislation. Just because it looks like we were on the losing end of this does not mean we have to roll over and play dead. Remember that no matter what, we are the soil from which the tree of liberty gets her life from. If we give up, liberty very well may die in this country.

One of the things that many gun owners are doing now is buying up everything related to firearms and ammunition in sight. While this is good for business it also leads many to believe we are the paranoid lunatics many say we are. What we need to do at the same time is to start by letting the public know what we think and what we believe. You can start by writing letters to your local paper, on their Facebook page. Don’t shout or make accusations just state the facts, which have always been in gun owners’ favor even though some have reported otherwise.

We can expect the more liberal states to start ramping up gun legislation of their own. We see this in Illinois where they want to pass a tax on every gun purchased and possibly an ammunition tax. In New York every year they try to ram though a bill on microstamping despite the fact that it continues to fail. I think this history of failure is important to remember too because, regardless of political affiliation, Americans are not in favor of gun control. Whether you live in one of those states or not you need to support the residents there because there is a chance that if it passes in one of those states, it might make its way to your state too, especially if there is a way the state can tax it or make revenue from it in this time of economic trouble.

Make sure that whether you like everything they do or not that you support organizations like the NRA and Gun Owners of America. If you have a state organization even better; you need to get behind them too. These organizations are what have helped up keep our rights for as long as we have and we can’t give up on them now. As they say these are the times that try men’s’ souls and if we let ourselves be divided than we might as well pack it all in now. And yes I feel that means that even if you don’t like those “black rifles” you don’t go trashing them when some politician tries to ban them. We have already seen that plan fail, so enough of that already. When they get done with those dreaded assault weapons, bullet buttons, high capacity magazines and Teflon coated bullets, rest assured they will imagine up something they don’t like about the ‘sporting arms’ you have in your safe.

The road ahead for all of us might very well be dark but we need to stick together as gun owners and Americans because our future, and the future of this county as we know it hangs in the balance. We need to make sure that we leave our children and grandchildren the same freedoms that we enjoy now, and that means staying vigilant even though times look tough. None of us ever really know what is going to happen but we need to make sure that our elected officials don’t try to take advantage and start stripping away more of our freedom.

Just because the wrong guy won the White House doesn’t mean us as landlords have to allow him to trash the place while he signs his name for another four years on the lease. Make sure he knows what we expect of him, and if he won’t tow the line than those up for election in two years will pay the price and be voted out instead.

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