Solvent trap adapters by Cadiz Gun Works

Cadiz Gun Works would like to help you stay green with their solvent trap adapters. These allow you to thread an oil filter onto the end of almost any threaded barrel which acts as a reserve tip to collect your greasy wastes.

They have several in a host of different patterns for the most common handgun and rifle calibers. Pictured is the solvent trap adapter for most AK-type rifles. The product page is here.

The solvent trap is an adapter that screws on to the threads of your gun at one end and the other end you screw on an oil filter to trap the cleaning solvent when cleaning your gun from the breech. Hence the name Solvent Trap Adapter.
The solvent trap adapters comes in different thread sizes.

This solvent trap adapter has 14×1 left hand threads. This solvent trap is green in color and hexagon in shape. This solvent trap fits AK47 type firearms.

Made in the USA of aircraft aluminum then anodized green.

You can see it and many others like it at the Cadiz Gun Works store.

On an unrelated note, Cadiz Gun Works is the company that developed the Econo Can, a suppressor adapter that allowed you to mount modified oil filters to guns as inexpensive, disposable makeshift silencers.

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